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Re: layout plan

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  • CHoefer533@xxx.xxx
    In a message dated 3/31/99 6:01:54 AM Pacific Standard Time, rgs@ior.com ... is ... To much potential subject matter here from too many in house geographic
    Message 1 of 35 , Mar 31, 1999
      In a message dated 3/31/99 6:01:54 AM Pacific Standard Time, rgs@...

      > From: Charlie Mutschler <rgs@...>
      > >Boone Morrison (& others) wrote:
      > >
      > >> Yea, well we got to remember, Jim, that poor Mike is a deprived Colorado
      > >> resident who really doesn't know what a TREE looks like!!....
      > >> Nope, Mike, one does not "whip out a few" of these in an evening, that
      > >> for sure...
      > >
      > I'm beginning to think the smog has degraded the vision of the California
      > crowd so they can't see anywhere east of the Left Coast. <VBG> You
      > Californians really ought to get out on a study tour now and again...Try
      > getting somewhere east of the Sierras for a change. I can think of
      > several logging railroads (narrow gauge no less!) in Colorado and New
      > Mexico, and some standard gauge logging roads in Arizona. Not to mention
      > lumber loads going east out of saw mills at Durango and Chama until the
      > end of D&RGW narrow gauge operations. Check out Volume 7 of the R*G*S
      > Story for a good look at the New Mexico Lumber Co operations at McPhee,
      > Colorado. Widen your horizons, but not your track gauge, guys!
      > Cheers! Charlie
      To much potential subject matter here from too many "in house" geographic
      subregions of the state! Besides, we spend so much time daydreaming in
      traffic, our employers treate it as vacation time!

      By the way, I'm toying with Welsh NG. Is that horizon far enough away?

      Playfully, and not smugly from a region w/o heavy smog (except for the tourist
      season when everybody comes in from out of state),
      Craig H
    • Don Kralik
      Hi Annie and others, ... I would have to vote for freelance. I m currently planning a layout based on a could have been scenario. My focal point is to be a
      Message 35 of 35 , May 15, 1999
        Hi Annie and others,

        >I went to the Cal State RR museum today to research all this. I started
        >looking at pictures from other mills, and thinking about how all this
        >is to lead up to the "grand design" of Annie Steel, and started
        >asking myself if I didn't want to freelance instead.
        >I'd like to hear others opinions about freelance vs. prototype modelling.

        I would have to vote for freelance. I'm currently planning a layout based on
        a "could have been" scenario. My focal point is to be a local NJ ironworks
        that was never serviced by a NG railroad. Perhaps this is why the owners
        closed it around 1895!. Luckily quite a bit of the structures are left and
        there are plans afoot to stabilize and perhaps restore the area. There are
        some ruined furnace structures and a few buildings and the blast water
        wheels (restored). I'll be "reconstructing" the facility using some
        published industrial achaeology info as well as photos of other area iron
        furnaces. It will most certainly end up as a hybrid. This method allows you
        to use elements you find interesting as well as to scale the structure as
        needed to fit. As you and others expressed in various posts the "feel" of
        the structure is important. In addition it is sometimes difficult to locate
        info about a specific prototype so similar facilities in other locations at
        the same time period can give valuable clues as to "how it was done" This
        will be the case with my iron mine area of the layout. I will probably use
        Colorado prototype structures as a basis since getting ore out of the ground
        had to be done in a similar way. I've not had great luck getting pictures of
        the local mines here though I've not got into heavy research yet.

        I will also be using the mock-up method using foamcore material. I'm trying
        to squeeze this into a 10' x 10' area and I am already seeing potential
        problems with grades that I'm having trouble visualizing in 2D so it's time
        to make a model of the model.

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