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Re: [HOn3] "Pilot" Height - Still have question

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  • Rick C Shoup
    Ed what I did was to take a feeler gage the same thickness as the heigth of a kadee uncoupler shank which I believe is 3/64th and slide it under the cow
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 5, 2002
      Ed what I did was to take a feeler gage the same thickness
      as the heigth of a kadee uncoupler shank which I believe is 3/64th"
      and slide it under the cow catcher's front edge.

      That is your benchmark.
      Now when you have the point
      of the cowcatcher's lower edge that height on level track,
      make checks along the start of your grade.

      Where the bottom touches indicates how
      much you have to side the start of the grade back.
      After some trial and error
      you will have the grade start smooth enough the loco
      will proceed w/o touching the rails.
      Then you'll have to do the reverse at the top.
      That is shave the top off to make a smooth transition.

      It took about 2 extra feet on the start of my grade and
      about the same amount at the top.
      That is why the long fills and cuts to climb hills.

      Regards, Rick Shoup

      On Mon, 04 Nov 2002 11:31:58 -0600 twill <jusnow@...> writes:
      > Gang,
      > I "shore am" glad that I could (accidentally) provide the powder
      > to
      > start such a firestorm of discussion(?) on the name of that "thing"
      > that's sometimes in front of that other "thing," that has a boiler
      > in
      > it, that pulls the still other "things," that are used to haul
      > people,
      > frieght and still still other "things things." :-)
      > But seriously gang, I still have the same question about it's
      > height. Would a couple of you, when you get a moment, please
      > measure
      > the height of the pilot on one or two of your HOn3
      > engines/locos/locomotives? Particularly pre-1900 4-4-0, 2-8-0, etc.
      > I
      > would really appreciate it. It does look like the one on the MDC
      > may be
      > too low.
      > And, yes I could put some teflon or kevlar under the pilot to
      > keep
      > the rails from shorting, but right now it becomes mechanically stuck
      > as
      > well. Recognize that the club has to fix the track, but am still
      > curious about what the pilot height should be.
      > Thanks again,
      > Ed Dorroh
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