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    Hi Eric, The book covers the Biles-Coleman Lumber Company s Revervation Narrow Gauge , the last Northwest/Washington State Narrow Gauge Logging Railroad,
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 1999
      Hi Eric,

      The book covers the Biles-Coleman Lumber Company's "Revervation Narrow
      Gauge", the last Northwest/Washington State Narrow Gauge Logging Railroad,
      1921-1948. It also has a supplement on the Diamond Match Company Priest
      Lake Railroad, the West's most modern narrow gauge logging railroad.

      The book is a limited edition, number 1056 of 2500 printed. Softcover, in
      very good condition, 133 pages with good quality b&w photos and numberous

      The logging railroad never had an official name. The author has not tried
      to provide a history of the corporate side of this company, but has
      concentrated on "exploring the operations of the railroad and its equipment
      from the technical, operating, and historical points of view"-quoted from
      the preface.

      This line operated into 1948 and used the most modern equipment available at
      that time. The photos show Peterbuilt logging trucks being loaded and this
      may be the thing that people like about this book in that it shows logging
      at a time when trucks are being used more often. This shows the transition
      period between railroads and trucks as used in the logging industry.

      You might want to post a question to the 4L@onelist.com group as to why
      they enjoyed this book so much.

      Thanks for your interest.
      Darryl Huffman
      Anchorage, Alaska
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      > Darryl, don't think I have heard of this book. Can you give me a
      > description of what it covers? Might be interested in buying from you
      > depending on subject.
      > eric
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