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85692Re: [HOn3] My empire is beginning.

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  • kjb80401
    Mar 18, 2014
      Welcome to the club of us who have begun likewise.  Should you be so inclined,  As you become perplexed about something of immediate concern, don't hesitate to ask for other's experiences.  Future planning questions are also welcome.
      In a message dated 3/18/2014 2:08:39 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, bolsen187@... writes:
      The basement has been cleaned and the drop ceiling installed. The LARC background is up with velcro and the basic benchwork is finished. Now on to the Comstock "The Combination Shaft" and the Banta "ProPatria Mill" so I can figure out where the trackwork needs to go. Next on the agenda is to try and post some pics.
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