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  • John Stutz
    Nov 8, 2013
      On 11/08/2013 04:40 PM, Pete wrote:
      > Does anyone have a method to make SCALE COW PIES that looks natural?

      Start with a dark brown heavy body matt acrylic latex paint, and thin it down
      somewhat, say to a heavy cream consistency, so it flattens out when dripped from
      a few inches height. Then load up a syringe and start pooping.

      Note that any place where livestock are penned, the poop gets trampled into a
      dust that tends to be a much lighter tan than the new piles, yet makes a
      blackish mud where stock are pissing, or water gets spilled. There is usually a
      linear mound of the dry stuff collected under any fence line, where it gets
      kicked to, but is not further disturbed. There is often a subtle path worn into
      the pen surface, just inside the fences. Weeds may be concentrated just outside
      of fences, where they are fertilized by but protected from stock grazing. There
      will also be a subtle dusting all around a pen and just downwind, at least
      during dry weather.

      John Stutz
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