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62562Re: [HOn3] HOn3 4-4-0

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  • Boone Morrison
    Oct 12, 2009

      From what Mark Mogensen (Pres of PSC) has told me personally the
      project is definitely
      not dead at this time.

      Insofar as the two scales are concerned, the problems are not the
      same. The smaller size
      of the HO models is one of the key issues - and Mark told me that
      extracting a die cast
      frame from the dies is one big issue...at least with the HO version.

      The O scale versions are, comparatively, much easier to do and Mark
      seems set to do those
      in brass, as he has stated recently.

      I think we all need to indicate continued interest so that Mark knows
      we are still here and
      hoping for a model, regardless of the personal scale preference.

      Aloha, Boone

      On Oct 12, 2009, at 7:24 AM, Doug Cummings wrote:

      > PSC is still in the process of deciding if the 4-4-0's will be made
      > by PSC in brass or MMI in composite form. I talked to them and they
      > said they will advise their dealers and post on their webside when
      > a decision is made. I presume sending them letters of support will
      > not hurt. I specifically asked about the HOn3 models - I have no
      > interest in On3 - so I presume whatever they decide will apply to
      > both. Their response suggests the project is not dead.
      > Doug
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