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54074Re: enough of the locktite, geeze! any what HOn3 brass is good?

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  • ebt18
    Jul 2, 2008

      What would you recommend for RPM on a coreless motor with gearhead?
      When I shop for can motors, they provide the RPM but I don't know
      enough about motor speed to make a good decision.


      --- In HOn3@yahoogroups.com, Dale Buxton <the_one_tuatha_ddana@...>
      > This is where mating a coreless with a gear-head came in. By mating a
      gear-head to the coreless motor, the motor was able to be powered up to
      it’s most efficient RPM and the output shaft could be made to work at
      a slower RPM than the motor would normally work at efficiently. These a
      ranges of RPM’s at the output shaft are far slower than Pitman’s
      and can motors ever imagined working at.
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