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54072Re: [HOn3] Re: enough of the locktite, geeze! any what HOn3 brass is good?

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  • Glenn476
    Jul 2, 2008
      my comment was based on a mix of locos I have had direct experience
      with--either my own or ones I have overhauled and painted. The only
      importer I haven't dealt with that you list is DP. I even have a PSC/Iron
      Horse K-37 in On3 that a dealer could not unload at cost for five
      years--After he almost gave it away I wound up with it --found the problem,
      fixed it. A SamHongSa loco--usually top notch.

      But my point is that way back--while the locos didn't carry all the detail
      that today's do, they were designed and made to run, and run well. gj
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      From: "Mark Kasprowicz" <marowicz@...>
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