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54065Re: enough of the locktite, geeze! any what HOn3 brass is good?

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  • Mark Kasprowicz
    Jul 1, 2008
      > I think that in the seventies Brass turned from good layout-grade models to
      > collectors'/museum models.
      No, I do not think that is true. I have a mix of PFM, Custom Brass, Westside, PSC, Balboa,
      and Division point locos (and a few others which aged memory doesn't give me access to at
      this moment) which pretty well cpvers the 70's to the present day and I think it's either
      simply down to luck as to whether you get a good running loco (the classic monday
      morning, Friday afternoon loco) or there are inherent design faults that affects the whole
      range to a greater or lessor degree. i have some great running locos and some that were
      pretty bad but could be fixed.
      I agree with the concept of try before you buy BUT most of the test tracks I have seen are
      straight with no turnouts or curves which is usually where any problem manifests itself.
      Also don't assume that a loco that runs OK of Dc with do the same on DCC where the
      short circuit tolerance is much much smaller.
      Apart from the very worst of cases, given time, skill, patience and good help, I believe that
      locos from whatever vintage can be made to work well, perhaps not perfectly, but well
      One thing i would say about Division point locos, despite their claims, they do NOT have
      all wheel pickup. My K-28 has pickup on only two of the drivers on the insulated side.
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