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54054Re: enough of the locktite, geeze! any what HOn3 brass is good?

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  • k27freak
    Jul 1, 2008
      Just a short roundup:

      - I have 6 Sunset Brass engines, 3 K-27'2, 3 K-36's
      - They ran well right out of the box with some minor adustments:
      (Loosening Pony + Trailer trucks, polishing the Tender bolsters
      & Tender Trucks, cutting one of the springs of the Tender Trucks a
      little to keep them on the rails at all time.
      - The slow speed performance is ok, maintenance is easy , they're
      robust (ask my 4 year old daughter) and I still favor them over any
      Blackstone or even PSC engine.
      - That I did was add Faulhaber Motors with Flywheels to all of them.
      They run even smoother than ever before. My Blackstone K-27 is a
      coffee mill compared to them
      - My PSC K-37 needed a lot of work to get her roadworthy, and sh e
      still isn't fully functional IMHO.

      - If you want to buy Brass ; Insist on a test drive at your dealer.
      If the engine runs well, with no wobbling or binding right out of
      the box, go for it, you can still "pimp" her later with a new
      Motor and Flywheel.

      My 2 cents...

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