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  • szczowicz@aol.com
    Dec 4, 2000
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      In a message dated 12/4/00 3:24:51 PM GMT Standard Time,
      nsuydam@... writes:

      << To get
      these cars more accurately, add the roof walks and handrails, also look
      close at the roof line at the end of the car. The lower roof did not curve
      down, only the upper roof did this. >>
      Yes the lower roof line is completely straight - something common to all non
      passenger cars and even a few of those. I filed mine flat and squared off the
      ends as well. These roofs really take some wrok getting them right. You
      mentioned the long RPO and that there might be an old E&B kit for them. I
      find I have two short RPO's but now with the right evergrreen siding I think
      a bit of 'kit bashing' will result in something quite close. The biggest
      problem is the window shape. The long RPO's windows are wider than the Grandt
      line ones - are these available anywhere. The three window PO door is
      available from Grandt.
      Any thoughts about that door at one end of the RPO/ baggage. I'm really
      confused. The plans from Coronado show the short RPO with doors at one end
      and no rail. The long one is shown as without doors and with four lengths of
      30 pound rail at each end. Both drawings steel sheathing at the lower end of
      the sides.
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