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  • nsuydam@family-network.net
    Dec 4, 2000
      From: szczowicz@...

      -original message-
      <<<Norm and John,
      I've now looked at the Coronado plans for the RPO's and they show that the
      short RPO (61, 62, 63 and 64) had one door at the baggage end. Looking
      through the NG Pictorial I cannot find a photo of that end only the PO end
      which is shown as blank wall. Trying to work out the colour from the B/W
      prints is difficult. I don't think the short version were ever painted in
      this way though having said that the loong versions look either uniform in
      side/ end colour or possibly grey. But not black I think. Pictures arevdated
      from the mid 40's.


      Cars 61, 62 & 63 can be made from the La Belle kits. These cars typically
      ran on the Santa Fe line until it stopped running in '41 I believe. To get
      these cars more accurately, add the roof walks and handrails, also look
      close at the roof line at the end of the car. The lower roof did not curve
      down, only the upper roof did this. This should get you an accurate model
      of these cars. In my previous post I mentioned these cars had both electric
      and kerosene lights. After looking at photos, I was in error. It was the
      open end passenger cars that ran to Santa Fe that had both types of lights.
      I noted 3 such cars in the Grandt book one of them being #320.

      Number 64 is kind of the oddball, it is a 'long' RPO similar to the other
      long cars, however it never had its end platforms enclosed to become a part
      of the car. This car was taken out of revenue service around 1940 to become
      the tool car in the Salida work train. Only one photo is shown in the
      Grandt book Vol 2, but at a very sharp angle which shows no detail. This
      car survives in Durango as a Commissary car after returning from the Black
      Hills and being rebuilt. Look in Vol 10 of the Grandt series to see this
      car better in its work service appearance as 'X-64'.

      later ................NORM............
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