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  • darney@attglobal.net
    Nov 30, 2000
      A order issued by the Railway Mail Service in Oct.1914 required all postal car
      ends and to be equipped with rails and fire proof paint The V.& T. did not
      have to comply as roads of less than 50 miles were exempt. ("side line") all
      roads of more than 50 miles were required to install the rail telescoping
      protection and the fire proof paint.
      The RMS sent the V&T instructions on how to bend and install the rail with
      drawings. They also sent instructions for mixing and applying the fireproof
      paint. The paint was indeed black on the Colorado roads.

      You will note that in most books the rails are said to have been installed to
      support sagging platforms and that of course was not the case.

      The following letter from the V.& T.Ry. to the postal department gives a little
      insight as to the purpose of the rail reinforcement. A copy of the drawings
      are at the University of Nevada Library - Special Collections department.

      FEBRUARY 18 1915
      Virginia & Truckee Ry. A.M.Ardery Papers

      Mr. EDW.MCGRATH, 18 February, 1915
      Supt., 8th.Div., R.M.S.,
      San Francisco Calif.
      Dear Sir:-
      Thanks for your prompt attention in handing me copies of Departmental
      instructions as to mail cars, enclosed in yours of 11th.inst.
      We are now about to shop car No. 2 for its usual annual overhauling and
      renewals, and in view of the orders of the department of October 29th. last, we
      desire to make sure of our interpretation of the same before proceeding with
      the work. As you are aware our passenger train consists of four light cars,
      the mail car has eight end posts, substantially built and maintained, in
      portion to the strain upon it, and we therefore believe that we come within
      that exemption of the order as a "side line" and will not be expected to
      reinforce the ends with rails, especially so as there is so little likelihood
      of telescoping on this road.
      Will you kindly give this subject your early and considerate attention
      and let me have your conclusions in due course?
      Respectfully yours,

      szczowicz@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 27/11/00 16:30:21 GMT Standard Time,
      > John.Templeton@... writes:
      > << Also the ends were painted black with sand mixed into the paint, used
      > as a fire saftey measure.
      > >>
      > John,
      > Thanks for the advice - my model is one of those without the 35 pound rail.
      > But the black painted ends is new - was it done throughout the life of the
      > cars or was there a specific period?
      > Mark
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