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WAR March Madness Begins - Protest Fur in NYC - 3/1/08

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  • Ima Vegan
    ****Cross Post Freely**** March Madness WAR Style New York City - March, 2008 Protest Fur in New York City on Saturday, March 1st Beginning on the first day of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2008
      ****Cross Post Freely****

      March Madness WAR Style
      New York City - March, 2008

      Protest Fur in New York City on Saturday, March 1st

      Beginning on the first day of March, Win Animal Rights
      will embark on the first of five weekends of action
      covering targets ranging from the posh luxury stores
      that sell the skins of murdered animals for greed and
      vanity to the prominent pharmaceutical companies (i.e.
      drug pushers) that are poisoning the earth and all of
      its inhabitants.

      March Madness targets selected are the following: Fur
      Targets include Escada, Saks Fifth Avenue (which hosts
      Escada concessions on their premises), Fendi and of
      course New York City's most despicable fur pimp,
      Dennis Basso. Vivisection Targets include: Huntingdon
      Life Sciences, Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb,
      Sanofi-Aventis and HLS Supplier Staples.

      Find out more about March Madness here:


      Each weekend, activists will visit the companies
      listed above, along with any business or individual
      that enables those targeted to continue to profit from
      the torture and killing of innocent animals. Join Win
      Animal Rights as we confront animal abusers and
      exploiters on their home turf. We will continue the
      global campaigns to stop the killing by the fur pimps
      at Escada and the puppy killers at HLS. As an added
      attraction, we will be visiting local fur ghoul Dennis
      Basso at his tacky retail animal graveyard on Madison

      Protest Fur Scum: Escada, Fendi & Dennis Basso
      Saturday, March 1, 2008 @ 2:00 pm
      Meet at: Saks - 611 Fifth Ave. (49th & 50th)

      Travel with us from our starting location, Saks Fifth
      Avenue (host of an Escada concession as well as other
      notorious fur scum like Dolce & Gabbana and more), to
      Fendi and Escada and finally to the Dennis Basso Fur
      Mausoleum. Be prepared to do some walking as we will
      be traveling up Fifth Avenue and then moving over to
      Madison Avenue. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared
      for the cold.

      If you are late, call us at: 1-646-267-9934 and we
      will tell you where we are. You don't need posters,
      banners or literature...we have all of that (unless of
      course you have something you want to bring, then by
      all means bring it along). All you need is your
      passion and a loud voice to speak up for the animals.
      If you can't join us on Saturday, we will be back on
      the streets on Sunday. Details will be released in 24

      Mark your calendar now:
      March Madness Continues - Protest HLS Puppy Killers
      Sunday, March 2, 2008 @ 2:00 pm
      Meet at: Staples @ 2248 Broadway (80th & 81st)

      Visit the WAR Calendar for future events:
      Visit the WAR MySpace page:
      Visit the WAR CrueltyFree.com page:

      For more info contact Win Animal Rights at:
      Call: 646.267.9934 or visit the WAR website at:

      W.A.R. (WIN ANIMAL RIGHTS) is an independent
      non-profit organization not affiliated or associated
      with SHAC, SHAC USA or any other group or organization
      and does not conduct or incite any illegal activity.
      The above information is not meant to incite or
      request any illegal actions or illegal activities of
      any kind. If you have any questions about the
      legality of any act, we encourage everyone receiving
      this (or the) action alert(s) to check your local laws
      and ordinances before proceeding to do anything.

      Be a better friend, newshound, and
      know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now. http://mobile.yahoo.com/;_ylt=Ahu06i62sR8HDtDypao8Wcj9tAcJ
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