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Action Alert: StockGuru Touts Grey Market Stock - LSRI

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  • Ima Vegan
    *****Cross Post Widely***** StockGuru Touts LSRI DUMBASS OF THE WEEK AWARD What in the world could these folks be thinking? On Monday, June 26, 2006, the
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      *****Cross Post Widely*****

      StockGuru Touts LSRI

      What in the world could these folks be thinking?

      On Monday, June 26, 2006, the "StockGuru" touted Life
      Sciences Research Inc. (ticker symbol LSRI aka
      Huntingdon Life Sciences) in their daily picks. This
      is what they had to say about LSRI:

      Life Sciences Research, Inc. (OTC: LSRI) - Friday's
      shares gained 3.06%, trading at $10.10 per share.
      Volume came in at 150 shares. The Company recently
      provided the highlights of its first quarter results.
      Revenues of $42.5 million, which were 1.9% below the
      same period in the prior year. Net Income was
      $500,000, or $0.03 per share. Record net new orders
      totaled $56.5 million. Book to Bill ratio of 1.33 ,
      and $70 million long-term financing completed March 2,
      2006 Brian Cass, LSR's President and Managing Director
      added, "The first quarter results, although
      disappointing in absolute terms, were consistent with
      our expectations given the unusually high level of
      order cancellations we reported on last year. With
      this backdrop it is particularly pleasing to report
      the all time record orders we achieved in our latest
      quarter. These orders, which begin to fill out our new
      specialist toxicology capacity in both the UK and US,
      will generate revenues later in the year and redirect
      our operating performance in a positive direction."

      Could Brian Cass possibly come up with a more damaging
      statement than that one? ...."disappointing in
      absolute terms"......"unusually high level of order
      cancellation"......."$70 million long term financing"
      (read: $70 million debtload). We weren't sure whether
      to give the "Dumbass of the Week" award to Brian Cass
      or StockGuru. It was neck and neck, but we decided on

      Perhaps the people at StockGuru are unaware that HLS
      is a morally bankrupt company that kills 500 animals
      each and every day? Could be that they do not know
      that HLS is the focal point of a global campaign to
      stop the killing and the cruelty that goes on there?

      Following is contact information for StockGuru from
      their website. If you choose to communicate with
      them, please keep your correspondence polite and
      informative. After all, could be that they are just
      dumbasses that don't know any better.....or maybe they
      are just greedy scum who are being paid by the
      butchers at HLS to try to breathe some life into a
      dying company?

      Pentony Enterprises, LLC
      4949 Hedgcoxe, Suite 280
      Plano, Texas 75035

      Telephone: (214) 453-4258

      Fax: (214) 453-4268


      John Pentony, Publisher Guru
      Dylan Yarter, Director of Operations
      Ed Newsome, Director of Sales
      Jeremiah Davis, Director of Technology Guru
      Kathy Lardie, Sales & Marketing Guru
      Rickey McCoy, Designer Guru
      Brett Koltuniak, Client Relations / Membership
      Sherryl Clay, Writer

      All e-mail addresses in this action alert:

      publisher@..., dylan@...,
      jeremiah@..., kathy@...,
      brett@..., sherryl@...
      If you want to have a really good laugh, visit
      StockGuru's website and check out their legal
      disclaimers on every page. With clients like
      Huntingdon Life Sciences, we can well understand the
      need for disclaimers.

      Be part of history. Help stop the torture and killing
      at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

      For more info contact Win Animal Rights at:
      Call: 646.267.9934 or visit the WAR website at:

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