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Happy New Year & Thank you from WAR

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  • Ima Vegan
    ****Cross Post Freely**** Happy New Year & Thank You As we reflect on the successes and heartbreaks of 2005, we at Win Animal Rights wanted to take a moment to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      ****Cross Post Freely****

      Happy New Year & Thank You

      As we reflect on the successes and heartbreaks of
      2005, we at Win Animal Rights wanted to take a moment
      to thank all of you that worked so hard this year.
      What follows is a brief summary of some of the
      highlights of our year. We sure couldn't have done all
      of this without your tireless effort, support and
      In our first year, we have accomplished the following:


      ACTION ALERTS: 130


      * SPEAK Campaign Support - Stop Oxford University
      from building an Animal Testing Lab
      * Operation: Blood Money - Impact Market Makers and
      Investors in LSRI/HLS
      * SHAC 7 Support
      * Wall Street Campaign - Prevent the listing of LSR
      on the NYSE
      * Hurricane Katrina Rescue & Support - Aided and
      rescued numerous hurricane victims
      * Operation: Slip Slide - Impact the share price of
      LSRI/HLS stock
      * Fur Free New York City - Aggressive Anti-Fur
      * Operation: Take Back the Woods - Defend NJ Black
      Bears from Hunters
      * Operation: Twelve Days of Xmas

      Campaign Highlights:

      LSR Prevented from Listing on the New York Stock
      Exchange - September 2005

      The day before the Press Release announcing the
      pending entry of LSR to NYSE (8-22-05), WAR began its
      Wall Street Campaign. After numerous protests and
      educational outreach events in the Wall Street area,
      we were prepared for the September 7, 2005 listing of
      LSR on the NYSE. In the early morning hours, along
      with SHAC Global and SHAC USA, WAR issued an action
      alert to over 10,000 activists. The rest is now
      history. This resulted in a stunning victory for the
      campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences. For the
      first time in its history, the NYSE blocked the
      listing of a company, after it had been approved and
      its listing announced publicly. As a result, LSRI
      returning to the OTCBB and their share price has
      dropped from a high of $18.30 to its current level of
      $10.70 (December 31, 2005). A devastating blow to the
      value of Huntingdon Life Sciences. This campaign also
      resulted in an enormous amount of international and
      national press including extensive TV, radio and print

      New Jersey Black Bear Hunt - December, 2005

      Recruited, trained and assisted in the deployment of
      "Bear Defenders", as part of "Operation: Take Back the
      Woods '05". Defenders operated in the woodlands of
      New Jersey, both before and during the 6 day bear
      hunt. During that period of time, many actions were
      taken to protect and defend the bears. Anonymous
      reports indicate that numerous (at least 14 or more)
      treestands were found dissembled, trail markers were
      repositioned, bait stations were compromised and other
      acts of vandalism and hunter harassment were reported.
      During the hunt, WAR activists hiked the woods of NJ
      daily, providing a peaceful, legal presence without
      breaking any laws.


      Sponsored Speakers: Kevin Jonas, SHAC activist and
      noted author, Joan Dunayer
      Exhibited at: Grassroots Animal Rights Conference, New
      York City, April 2005
      Exhibited/Presented at: AR2005 National Animal Rights
      Conference, Los Angeles, July 2005
      Multiple members participated in: AR2005 International
      Gathering, England, July 2005
      Exhibited at: Jeff Luers Support Event, New York City,
      June 2005
      Exhibited at: numerous punk rock shows, music events,
      political & social justice events, NYC
      WAR volunteers, on average, staff education outreach
      tables at least once a week for a total of more than
      50 days of educational outreach. In addition, at many
      of our protests, we staff literature tables to inform
      and educate the community.


      During 2005 have supported numerous activists
      including but not limited to the following:
      SHAC 7 (Kevin, Jake, Lauren, Josh, Darius), Tim H.
      (FLA), Peri (LI), Jeff Luers, Tre Arrow, Josh Demmit,
      Sea Shepherd Crew Members, 6 Los Angeles activists,
      Nick C., Janice A., Jan Lawrence, Heather Nicholson,
      Keith Mann, Sarah Gisbourne, Dave Blankinsop, Adam -
      NYC Animal Rights Activist, Bani and Kristian of WAR,
      Peter Young, Daniel McGowan, ADL-LA and others.


      - In loving memory of: Laurel, beloved canine
      companion and family member of Camille Hankins
      - In loving memory of: Stanley, beloved canine
      companion & son of Brenda Shoss of Kinship Circle
      - In loving memory of the thousands of animals
      abandoned by those they were counting on, who perished
      in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and in tribute to the
      grassroots activists who went and are still down there
      rescuing the forgotten animal hurricane victims.

      For more info contact: Win Animal Rights/W.A.R. at:
      centcom@... or check out - the WAR website
      at: http://war-online.org

      Yahoo! for Good - Make a difference this year.
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