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Free Gentle Thanksgiving Materials

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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2005
      Action Alert
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      Dear Animal Activist,

      Why We Need You

      • Each year, 45 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving alone
      • Turkey farms produce 10 billion pounds of manure, much of which ends up in our rivers and drinking water
      • If Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%, the grain saved could adequately feed 60 million people.
      • No laws protect turkeys from cruelty in slaughterhouses and factory farms. Turkeys – all birds, in fact – are ex-cluded from coverage under the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

      Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate life... not destroy it. Please join us and bring a Gentle Thanksgiving to your community.

      Here's What You Can Do

      Distribute Gentle Thanksgiving postcards. These colorful postcards (pictured below) offer free recipes and a free Vegetarian Starter Kit. Click here to e-mail us with the quantity you'd like and your plans for distribution.

      You can also email us for a FREE Action Kit or download one now.

      Invite your friends and acquaintances to join your vegetarian Thanksgiving celebration, or better yet, post some flyers or place some ads to open up your dinner to anyone who might be interested. This is a friendly way to introduce people to vegetarianism.

      Registering your Thanksgiving dinner (and other activism!) allows us to list you and your city in our Events Directory and to publicize your event to local and national media, as well as other activists. Having a national database of vegetarian Thanksgiving events to show media representatives helps us demonstrate that vegetarianism is widespread and growing!

      Get one of our expert panel members on the airwaves in your town by encouraging your local DJ to interview them. Details here.

      College students organizing public events can compete for a prize. Visit our Contest Page for details.

      For more ideas on how to get active, click here.

      Thank you for your active compassion,

      Jen Riley
      Program Coordinator

      Gentle Thanksgiving is an effort to encourage friends, family and neighbors to adopt compassionate alternatives to unnecessarily cruel turkey dinners. We accomplish this by demonstrating the great taste and superior nutrition of turkey-alternatives and other festive plant-based foods.

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