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Fw: (USA-PA) Fw: Follow up - Nick Cooney's arrest - Jail support still needed

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  • Cynthia Hendrick
    ... From: :gREG:, Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 17:15:23 -0700 (PDT) As a follow up to Nick s arrest. He s still in custody despite a team of activists trying to
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      From: :gREG:, Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 17:15:23 -0700 (PDT)

      As a follow up to Nick's arrest. He's still in
      custody despite a team of activists trying to bail him out on the BS
      guidelines they set up. The problem is that they aren't letting him
      post bond. With out posting bond he won't be extradited to NJ where he
      can see a judge and make bail where his warrant was issued. It's just
      another form of harassment and police repression. At this rate he could
      be held for
      at 5 days after making bond (which they are
      preventing). It is uncertain if he will be able to
      even make bond anytime soon because of them preventing it.

      At this point Nick needs phone calls more then ever to insure he is
      doing okay.

      Please call 1-610-630-9390 and ask for them to give him Vegan food not
      Vegetarian, ask about when he's going to be extradited to NJ, when he
      can be bailed out, ask them about when his arraignment is, when he will
      see a judge, ask about his bond, visiting times, directions to the

      Please be polite or they may take it out on him.


      ============original email============
      Nicholas Cooney has been arrested once again. He was involved in a legal
      protest outside Glaxo Smith Kline's King of Prussia, PA facility and
      taken in for an outstanding warrant in Ocean County, NJ. He is currently
      being held in the Upper Merrion, PA jail, but will be extradited to NJ
      at an undetermined time, probably during the weekend.

      Please make some polite but firm phone calls to the jail to request
      vegan food for Nick and to inquire about his well-being. The phone
      number there is 610 265-3232.

      After Nick is extradited (an email will go out under separate cover),
      he will be transferred to the Ocean County Correctional Facility in
      River, NJ. After he has been transferred, the phone number for jail
      support calls will be 732 929-2043.

      Nick's co-defendant, Janice Angelillo, has agreed to surrender herself
      on Monday morning. Her bail has been set at $10,000 with no option to
      pay 10% or to post a bond.

      Immediate cash donations are needed to pay for bail and prevent Nicholas
      and Janice from rotting in jail while they await their court dates.
      Both are excellent and dedicated activists. Please give whatever you

      As we always say at demos:

      When innocent activists are under attack, what do we do? ACT UP FIGHT
      Where were you during the holocaust of nonhuman animals?
      MY GROUPS ---
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