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Revolution, divide-and-rule, infilitration, mind control, terrorism and the general election

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  • Steve Wallis
    There are two key classes in society: the working class and big business. People and organisations on the side of the working class want a world socialist
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
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      There are two key classes in society: the working
      class and big business. People and organisations on
      the side of the working class want a world socialist
      revolution to take place, whereas those on the side of
      big business (the ruling class) want to stop us.

      Because there are a huge number of working class
      people across the globe and a tiny number of big
      businesspeople, the ruling class has to resort to
      divide-and-rule as a major method of staying in
      control (i.e. maintaining capitalism). Thus the
      parties of big business (including New Labour) attack
      asylum seekers and other immigrants (to divide black
      and Asian from white), and started wars on Afghanistan
      and Iraq (partly to divide Muslims from Christians and
      Jews, but oil had was a big influence) - backed up
      with attacks on civil liberties (which have to date
      been mainly used against Muslims but can later be used
      against the working class as a whole). For similar
      reasons, they discriminate against women in the
      workplace (also to save money).

      The ruling class does not leave staying in power to
      chance, nor do socialists seeking to end that power -
      conspiratorial organisations on both sides build
      models of the past and the present state of the world
      in order to predict the future and determine what they
      need to do to achieve their desired outcomes. This is
      now primarily done on computers, but in the past had
      to be done using brains, and people still use their
      brains for this task in order to help conspiratorial
      organisations on their side as well as deal with
      every-day tasks. This modelling was dubbed
      "psychohistory" in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series,
      applied to a galactic revolution. It is now possible
      to model the world using computers to a very high
      degree of accuracy, and I believe that my modelling
      language SDML (see
      http://www.socialiststeve.me.uk/sdml.htm) is being
      used by the most powerful conspiratorial organisations
      on both sides.

      AIDS was supposedly started by an experiment using
      monkeys in Africa. Due to the ability of the ruling
      class to model the world, letting AIDS loose was
      clearly a deliberate ploy to divide gay (and bisexual
      etc.) from straight people by portraying it as a "gay
      plague", as well as increase the degree of racism in
      Western society.

      Divide-and-rule is also used between disabled and
      non-disabled people. Adapting buildings or public
      transport to cope with wheelchairs, or building them
      to be accessible in the first place, is often rejected
      due to cost. Disabled activists (in the Disabled
      People's Direct Action Network) in Manchester chained
      themselves in front of buses to protest at the fact
      that none were wheelchair accessible at the time, and
      this action resulted in some buses in Manchester now
      being "low floor". However, most buses (even new ones)
      are not wheelchair accessible at all, and low floor
      buses usually require somebody to push a wheelchair
      user on. Most disabled people want independence, some
      of the time at least, especially bearing in mind that
      benefits are insufficient to employ a carer all the

      When I went to San Francisco in the early 1990s (for
      work conferences, although I also met up with
      socialists and attended a big demo against the
      original war on Iraq) I noticed a wheelchair user
      driving onto a lift on a bus, the lift rising, and the
      user driving onto the bus itself. The bus driver
      complained about the cost caused by disabled activists
      forcing every bus in the city to be adapted to be
      wheelchair accessible. Obviously, after getting
      organised in their own towns and cities, disabled
      activists across the USA had decided to unite together
      and make San Francisco a great place for them to live.
      I haven't seen any disabled activists in Manchester
      for many years, or many young wheelchair users
      recently for that matter, so it is obvious they have
      moved somewhere else. I've had a couple of hints that
      many disabled people in Britain have gone to Bristol,
      but I've yet to check out that theory...

      Mental health problems are a form of disability, but
      ones that are perfectly legal to discriminate against
      - and most good jobs require applicants to specify
      health problems on application forms. I recently saw a
      TV advert which pointed out that one in four people
      suffer from mental health problems and pleaded for
      employers not to discriminate. The media is currently
      whipping up people's fears by highlighting some
      isolated incidents of violent attacks by people who
      have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder -
      whereas statistically, people who have had such
      diagnoses are less likely to carry out violent
      attacks. If passed, New Labour's Mental Health Bill
      would allow people to be locked up in psychiatric
      wards on the basis that they may commit a crime at
      some point in the future, and it would allow former
      psychiatric patients to be forcibly injected against
      their will in the community. I am proposing civil
      disobedience by mobilising people outside someone’s
      home when someone is threatened with injection against
      their will, like with the "bailiff busters" in the 18
      million-strong mass non-payment campaign that defeated
      the poll tax and brought down Margaret Thatcher. [I
      joined the revolutionary socialist organisation that
      led that campaign during it, then known as the
      Militant Tendency and later Militant Labour and the
      Socialist Party.]

      If everybody was as honest as they said they were,
      then socialist revolutions would be much more
      straightforward than they have proved. Another major
      technique of the ruling class (and the working class
      to counter them) is infiltration of socialist
      organisations and in fact all organisations in
      society, including those on the same side in order to
      act against opposing infiltrators. My page on
      infiltration (at
      provides some examples.

      Derren Brown reveals on Channel 4 (his "Trick of the
      mind" series is now being shown on Fridays at 9.30pm)
      that some people have the ability to read and control
      minds, or perhaps everybody does to some degree or
      other mostly without realising it. It was also
      revealed on the Channel 5 programme "The World's
      Greatest Conspiracy Theories" that mind control is the
      number one such theory with over 500,000 websites
      devoted to it - and they provided a lot of evidence
      for mind control using machines, stating that it is a
      fact. For more information, see

      One of the suggested ways of influencing people
      through mind control is using mobile phone masts.
      There are now plans for a massive increase in the
      number of masts, for "third generation" mobile phones.
      So massive, that with big public outcries in many
      places already faced with new masts being built, New
      Labour has passed legislation allowing these masts to
      be built without requiring planning permission!
      Existing mobile phones have most features that
      ordinary people want. Who wants to watch a film on a
      tiny screen? I can't imagine that it will make
      economic sense to broadcast films in this way
      (especially considering the huge sums paid out for the
      satellites already) - either they will be cheap to
      watch and the mobile firms won't make much money, or
      they will be expensive to watch and most people won't
      bother watching them. There must be an ulterior

      To move to a less conspiratorial issue that I have
      been campaigning on - ID cards. A central computer
      containing a large amount of data about many or most
      of us would add to the ability of the ruling class to
      model us, and influence us using infiltration and mind
      control. Unfortunately, most opponents of ID cards
      have simply talked generally about "civil liberties"
      without explaining the purpose of the government
      restricting them (although mention of "Big Brother"
      gives a strong hint to those who have read George
      Orwell's "1984" or seen the film of the book) or
      answering the question of how else to oppose
      terrorism. It is no secret that the official "security
      services" (specifically MI5) infiltrated the IRA to
      limit that organisation's effect and eventually force
      them to adopt new methods. Since computer modelling
      power has been rapidly increasing over the years,
      infiltration and mind control can clearly stop
      terrorist attacks if the ruling class really wants
      them to be prevented.

      So how come the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in the USA
      happened then? Well, the US ruling class deliberately
      let them happen! The brilliant website
      http://www.oilempire.us, which reveals much more about
      US politics generally (including Bush's fraudulent
      election "victory" against Kerry), contains a lot of
      information about 9/11 including pointers to many
      websites that I have not had time to check out yet.

      Restrictions on civil liberties that were first
      adopted by the British government in Northern Ireland
      - internment (detention without trial) and Diplock
      courts (without a jury) - were recruiting tools for
      the IRA rather than successful in defeating them! The
      powers just passed by New Labour, with the
      acquiescence of the Tories and "Liberal Democrats",
      for house arrest and "control orders" repeat the same
      situation - and are a further divide-and-rule measure,
      to increase the hostility of non-Muslims in Britain
      towards that religion and aid the Islamic terrorists
      seeking to recruit more moderate Muslims to their
      ranks. Allowing a judge to make the decision to
      deprive an individual of freedom is not much better
      than allowing the Home Secretary to make the same

      A mass movement for freedom and independence in
      Ireland was curtailed by keeping hold of six counties
      - commonly regarded as Ulster but only part of that
      county to try to ensure a Protestant majority (that
      may disappear before too long due to the greater
      growth rate amongst Catholics due to their Church's
      appalling positions on abortion and contraception, but
      the appointment of a former member of Hitler Youth as
      Pope may increase the tendency of ordinary Catholics
      to disregard such advice). Similarly, the brutal
      attack by US forces in Iraq on Fallujah (with help
      from British troops) killing civilians and insurgents
      alike was designed to polarise Iraqi society even
      further, dividing Shia from Sunni Muslims ahead of the
      elections in January 2005. No elections under
      occupation can be free and fair, and the fact that
      many candidates didn't even have their names on the
      ballot papers was an indication of this, as was the
      fact that foreign "observers" who were supposed to
      ascertain whether they were free and fair weren't even
      allowed in the country!

      To be a genuine socialist, you always have to be in
      favour of unity of genuine ordinary people and
      democracy. That includes opposing the idea of
      governments composed of hierarchies of committees like
      the "Soviet" government established after the Russian
      Revolution of October 1917 - even those that are not
      rigged to give a minority (workers) more say than a
      majority (peasants) - and counterposing proportional
      representation by Single Transferable Vote (and with a
      large number of people elected per constituency unlike
      what the Liberal "Democrats" propose to benefit
      themselves but restrict the ability of socialists to
      break through). The capitalist Provisional Government
      established after the February revolution in Russia in
      1917 did not grant any form of elections; hence the
      Bolsheviks (who became the Communist Party) demanded a
      Constituent Assembly between the revolutions, but the
      influence of two big business infiltrators - Vladimir
      Lenin and Leon Trotsky - persuaded them to abolish the
      Assembly when right-wing peasants' representatives
      (large landowners because they were better organised)
      gained a majority. Their argument that the Bolsheviks
      would have been crushed if they had acted otherwise is
      rubbish - the working class, which had carried out two
      revolutions in one year, would have obviously been
      able to defend them and carry out a new revolution
      (with the help from genuine peasants) when the new
      rulers had exposed themselves in the eyes of the
      masses. Instead, people calling themselves
      "socialists", and particularly "Marxists" or
      "communists", have been regarded by many as
      undemocratic ever since.

      The largest "revolutionary socialist" organisation in
      Britain - though fortunately not Scotland where they
      are a "platform" of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP)
      - is the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). There are many
      ways in which they have aided the forces of big
      business over the years - obviously because the
      majority of their leadership are infiltrators on the
      side of big business.

      The approach of the big business infiltrators is to
      have a perpetual "revolving door syndrome", whereby
      many good workers, young people and particularly
      students get drawn into their party - because it is
      the first revolutionary socialist organisation they
      come across or the biggest or because its newspaper
      "Socialist Worker" is open about the fact that the SWP
      is revolutionary when some newspapers seem tame in
      contrast - and get disillusioned when they discover
      what it is really like, becoming lost to revolutionary
      socialist politics for a long period of time (perhaps

      For example, he SWP used to give "critical but
      unconditional support" to the IRA, and they have
      repeated that "mistake" with their support for Islamic
      fundamentalists in Iraq and Lebanon. In the latter
      country, mass united demonstrations for democracy and
      independence between people of different religions
      have finally forced the Syrian regime to withdraw,
      despite Bush's hypocritical speech for the withdrawal
      after the government collapsed - obviously to try to
      prevent it, but the SWP lauded the huge Hizbullah-led
      demo in support of the occupation provoked by that

      At the SSP conference in Perth in February, Socialist
      Worker platform members put forward a resolution
      supporting "all the resistance" in Iraq and opposed an
      amendment opposing suicide bombings, beheadings, and
      murders of trade unionists and foreign journalists
      (all of which are counterproductive to ending the
      occupation because they alienate genuine working class
      people in Iraq and across the world).

      The regular "What the Socialist Workers Party stands
      for" column of "Socialist Worker" shows that the SWP
      still stands for a government like the "soviet" one in
      Russia, by calling for "a workers' state based upon
      councils of workers' delegates". Such structures are
      ideal for other big business infiltrators, like
      Stalin, to move up the ranks because a very small
      number of people know what they are like until it is
      too late. [Additionally, calling for "a workers'
      militia" in the same column with the hatred of guns in
      Britain (especially after Dunblane) is also designed
      to limit the SWP's effectiveness.] I don't completely
      reject the idea of hierarchies - they are necessary to
      some extent in a socialist organisation under
      capitalism or an industry in a socialist society - but
      there should be as few levels as possible to still be
      effective. Hierarchies of any sort whatsoever tend to
      be opposed by people calling themselves "anarchists",
      who are virtually all non-violent in Britain and I see
      as "revolutionary socialists" too (although few use
      that term due to bad experiences with organisations
      that do).

      All organisations and individuals that claim to
      advocate socialism should put the interests of the
      working class above their own interests. It is
      obviously necessary to recruit to your own
      organisation as well as helping the working class
      generally (or recruiting to an alliance or party that
      the organisation is part of), because without
      sufficient members your organisation will be too weak
      to influence events when big movements develop in the
      future. However, if recruitment is prioritised to too
      great a degree, an organisation fails to win the
      respect of the working class and the revolving door
      syndrome referred to above develops where many of the
      best activists drop out after a short period in the
      organisation to be replaced by new activists who later
      drop out.

      The usual way the SWP operates is to portray itself as
      *the* party that is going to lead the revolution and
      see campaigns as merely ways of aiding recruitment to
      the party. This is putting the interests of the SWP
      above those of the class. However, because it is a
      large party, many of its members are genuine and do
      seriously intervene in movements in order to further
      the aims of the working class.

      When I joined the Militant Tendency in 1990, that
      organisation had a completely different attitude -
      concentrating on leading campaigns to try to win,
      exemplified by the anti-poll tax campaign, but as time
      went by it adopted the same attitude of intervening to
      recruit that our members had criticised the SWP

      When the SWP finally led a mass movement, i.e. the
      anti-war movement through the Stop the War Coalition,
      the forces of big business made sure that it did so as
      badly as possible.

      For example, placards, posters and the front page
      headline of their paper failed to mention oil. The
      "revolutionary" slogan on their placards was "Stop
      this bloody war", as if people didn't know already
      that wars kill! My intervention in producing leaflets
      with the headline "No war for oil" in the run-up to a
      three-pronged demo in Manchester (undoubtedly the
      biggest in England outside London) resulted in one
      banner and a second batch of leaflets being produced
      with the slogan "No blood for oil" on.

      Despite the fact that the SWP was (mis-)leading the
      Socialist Alliance (SA), SA speakers were not invited
      to anti-war demonstrations, rallies or public meetings
      (with the possible exception of some small local
      ones), whereas Labour MPs and Tony Benn (who is still
      in New Labour and admitted at the SWP's "Marxism" in
      the summer that he no longer thinks socialism will
      ever happen and that we will just have to be content
      with a few reforms under capitalism) were given top
      billing. After sabotaging the SA (by running it very
      bureaucratically), they set up "Respect: the Unity
      Coalition" as their new electoral front, alongside
      George Galloway who shook hands with Saddam Hussein
      and said what a great guy he was and Muslims (some of
      whom have right-wing views). Because Respect is a
      cross-class formation, and therefore against the
      interests of the working class, they are perfectly
      happy to promote it at anti-war events.

      When a revolutionary socialist organisation becomes a
      big threat, conspiratorial organisations on the side
      of big business go into overdrive to frustrate that
      organisation. In the case of Militant, it led
      Liverpool City Council in the mid-1980s and had won a
      lot of extra money for the city in the first year, but
      made the "mistake" of sending out redundancy notices
      to the entire workforce when isolated by the
      abandoment of "trendy lefty" councils in the second;
      later, infiltrator Steve Nally said the Anti-Poll Tax
      Federation would hold an investigation and "name
      names", when quizzed on national TV after the riot in
      Trafalgar Square (which a subsequent documentary
      showed was started by the police), putting Militant on
      the defensive when it could have been recruiting
      thousands. Despite the mess the SWP made of the
      anti-war movement, the failure of Respect to get a
      good vote in the north of England (where all-postal
      ballots were used) was probably largely due to an
      aspect of electoral fraud gone unnoticed (or
      deliberately disregarded) by the media. My postal
      ballot envelope urged me to return it immediately
      before Respect's TV broadcast was even shown! I set up
      a UK electoral fraud discussion group (at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uk-electoral-fraud) to
      highlight this at the time; I've similarly set up a US
      electoral fraud group (at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/us-electoral-fraud) to
      highlight numerous ways in which the Republicans
      defeated Kerry in 2004, plus the fact that Kerry is a
      revolutionary socialist in disguise!

      The failure of the Socialist Party (and its
      international organisation, the CWI) to support the
      formation of the SSP marked the point when its
      sectarianism towards other socialist organisations had
      become just (or nearly) as bad as that of the SWP, and
      I left shortly afterwards - to highlight the problem
      of infiltration to the wider world. I had been the
      only speaker from England or Wales at a debate during
      the 1998 European School of the CWI to support the
      formation of the SSP.

      Scottish Militant Labour (as Militant had become after
      leaving the Labour Party in Scotland) became the
      International Socialist Movement (ISM) platform of the
      SSP; the ISM later left the CWI. My proposal for a
      Revolutionary Platform of the SSP has already created
      some debate within the ISM, as reflected by an article
      proposing an open forum for Marxists within the SSP by
      an ISM member plus contributions from other Marxist
      platforms in the current issue of the ISM's
      "Frontline" magazine. I will send a further message
      about it when I have had a chance to read it, but my
      initial comment is that I want to encourage other
      kinds of revolutionary socialists who are not Marxists
      to unite together within the SSP, including

      I had planned to stand in the general election in
      Manchester, initially as one of a number of Democratic
      Socialist Alliance (DSA) candidates, then (when my
      launch meeting to establish a Greater Manchester DSA
      failed, due mainly to mind control and infiltration,
      as explained in my document at
      http://socialiststeve.me.uk/mind-control-gmdsa.htm) as
      a sole DSA or independent socialist candidate, but
      subconsciously I realised that it was better to
      concentrate on Glasgow to ensure that the SSP gets a
      good vote and hopefully wins at least one MP.

      Since I am unemployed, but have quite a large amount
      of savings (which I regard as an investment for the
      revolution; despite giving the highest or equal
      highest level of subs in the Manchester/Lancashire
      region of the Socialist Party for a few years, it was
      obviously sensible for me to keep money back to
      support my own political initiatives and better
      organisations in the future), I have been able to
      produce and am handing out a large number of full
      colour double-sided A4 leaflets, and produce 25,000
      eight-page manifestos four of which are in
      colour(which you can read at
      http://www.socialiststeve.me.uk/manifesto) most of
      which I will hand out after the election. I got some
      stickers printed, to put on some of the manifestos to
      indicate that I am not standing after all.

      By highlighting my proposal for

      I have updated my socialist home page and have
      included the text from the page below. There are many
      links on the page, so go to
      http://www.socialiststeve.me.uk if you want to know
      more (or visit one of the many other pages accessible
      via buttons at the top of the page. [Note that my old
      website URL www.stevewallis.org no longer works, so
      update any bookmarks to my pages you may have.]


      For help on translating my web pages from English into
      other languages, click here.

      You can now read my manifesto for the general election
      on-line or download it. For details, click here.

      I am a revolutionary socialist (a Marxist heavily
      influenced by anarchism), fighting for a democratic
      socialist world free from poverty, unemployment,
      homelessness, discrimination, famines, deaths from
      preventable diseases, war and environmental
      destruction. I favour a non-violent revolution, and
      think that the use of guns in the UK, where working
      class people hate them so much after atrocities such
      as at Dunblane, would be counterproductive, unless the
      British state tried to use the army or armed police
      against the working class first.

      I favour non-violent methods of change such as mass
      demonstrations, direct action and standing in
      elections (and see the mass demos against the Syrian
      occupation in the previously war-torn country of
      Lebanon, which I analyse in my page on international
      issues, as the way forward for Iraq, although there
      has been an upsurge in violence since the demos which
      hopefully will not lead to a return to civil war) but
      recognise that many movements that do involve violence
      are positive and should be supported. Recent examples
      of these include the Zapatista uprising in Mexico and
      the struggle against the Contra terrorists supported
      by the CIA in Nicaragua; I also support the right of
      the Iraqi people to fight back against the occupation
      by US and British imperialism, whilst promoting real
      democracy and opposing counter-productive methods of
      struggle promoted by Islamic fundamentalists such as
      beheadings, suicide bombings and murders of trade
      unionists and foreign journalists.

      Some revolutions which have involved violence have led
      to very few deaths. This includes the storming of the
      Winter Palace in Russia in October 1917, which marked
      the point at which the working class took power; it
      was the attempted counter-revolution that led to a
      massive loss of life. According to the Independent,
      only four people died in the revolution in Kyrgyzstan
      on the 24th of March 2005, and the violence that led
      to those deaths was started by some pro-government
      demonstrators; it differs from the previous
      revolutions in countries formerly in the USSR (Georgia
      and Ukraine) in being largely spontaneous, much more
      working class (due to the extreme poverty and shortage
      of a middle class in Kyrgyzstan) and in the opposition
      (to the previous regime that had clearly rigged the
      elections) being very divided. With the presence of
      both US and Russian bases in that country, it could be
      a big setback for both US and Russian imperialism, but
      whether Kyrgyzstan develops in the direction of
      socialism remains to be seen...

      I am the Convenor of Manchester International
      Socialist Movement, which is an informal discussion
      group on the internet (mailing list with an archive
      that you can browse or search). It has mainly served
      as a forum that I have used to post all my important
      messages since the run-up to the war on Iraq. You can
      join the group from its home page, by clicking here or
      by emailing machesterism-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

      I have more recently set up a discussion group for the
      North West International Socialist Movement, planning
      to launch it as a revolutionary socialist organisation
      with an actual membership at some point, rather than
      just one based in hyperspace. I decided to widen the
      area to the North West of England when campaigning on
      the issue of Palestine, because one of my close
      collaborators (who attends pickets of Marks & Spencer
      in Manchester) lives in Preston. I plan to travel to
      Preston to campaign on that and other issues at some
      point in the fairly near future.

      I have been living in Manchester since September 1984,
      and since the Spring of 1989 I have been a political
      activist. I had planned to move up to Glasgow, since
      that is where I expected the world socialist
      revolution to start, because it is the area of the
      world in which the organised forces of genuine
      socialism are strongest – reflected by the Scottish
      Socialist Party (SSP) receiving over 15% of the vote
      in Glasgow in the Scottish parliamentary elections on
      May Day 2003, getting two members (Tommy Sheridan and
      Rosie Kane) elected.

      However, Manchester is in my opinion the other city in
      the world apart from Glasgow where the left is very
      strong, partly due to my activities and the activities
      of many other good socialists that I have known, and
      partly due to historical reasons – Karl Marx lived in
      this city, the trade union movement started here, and
      the first real computer (i.e. running a program) was
      built at the University of Manchester. There have
      often been big demonstrations and meetings in
      Manchester, but up to now that has not been reflected
      by the development of an organisation like the SSP,
      largely due to the relative strength of the Socialist
      Workers Party (SWP, which is better than elsewhere in
      Britain but still sectarian and fairly heavily
      infiltrated by conspiratorial organisations on the
      side of big business) and actions by the forces of big
      business to wreck genuine socialist organisations like
      the Socialist Party (formerly the Militant Tendency
      and then Militant Labour) which I was a member of for
      about eight and a half years, such as by infiltration
      (for example, see my page on Racism and Fascism about
      the damage caused by a black regional secretary called
      Phil Frampton who eventually revealed himself as an
      agent of big business by causing a massive faction
      fight in the Manchester/Lancashire region).

      My solution to the splintering of the left in England
      is for the formation of a Democratic Socialist
      Alliance (DSA) – to clarify that we don’t want a
      dictatorial regime like the ones that collapsed in the
      USSR and Eastern Europe, and to distance ourselves
      from the bureaucratic way in which the SWP led the
      socialist alliances – and for revolutionaries within
      the DSA to unite in the Revolutionary Platform of the
      DSA. This Revolutionary Platform, whose only
      requirement for membership will be that members regard
      themselves as revolutionaries, will enable
      revolutionary socialists to organise in a united way
      against reformists and infiltrators on the side of big
      business. I have already informed some SWP and
      Socialist Party members of this initiative, to
      encourage those fed up with the sectarianism of their
      leaders to consider launching faction fights within
      their parties in order to join the Revolutionary
      Platform of the DSA (as sub-platforms or just as
      individual members) at some point in the future.

      Unfortunately, a proposal to set up a DSA on a
      national basis was defeated at a “Socialist Unity”
      conference on the 12th of March, organised by the
      Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform (SADP), despite
      the fact that the Socialist Alliance had been
      dissolved by the SWP and a small number of allies a
      month earlier. At a later meeting of the SADP, it was
      decided by a narrow majority to dissolve that
      organisation in favour of a “provisional Socialist
      Alliance” (SA(P)) after the general election, which
      intends to launch a new SA in the Autumn. The SADP did
      not select any candidates for the election, but
      endorsed two candidates (in Liverpool and Crawley in
      London) to stand under its party name “Democratic
      Socialist Alliance – People Before Profit”, who had
      previously been selected by the United Socialist Party
      and wanted to stand anyway when that organisation
      decided not to participate.

      SADP and (former) SA members in the Greater Manchester
      area are considering organising a national
      meeting/conference in Manchester, probably in June,
      which will hopefully establish the DSA. We started
      discussing it at a meeting on the 26th of April, but
      due to shortage of time and one person wishing to
      consult his organisation postponed the decision until
      the next meeting (probably on the 9th of May).

      In my opinion, those who wish to set up a DSA are (on
      the whole) more serious than those promoting the
      SA(P). A statement issued by the SA(P) officers says
      that “We are not on the brink of launching a new party
      and calling for groups to dissolve” repeats the lie of
      leaders of the Socialist Party and the CWI (the
      international organisation to which it is affiliated)
      that forming the SSP would mean the dissolution of
      Scottish Militant Labour; that organisation still
      exists and leads the SSP but it is known as the
      International Socialist Movement platform. The
      statement is very pessimistic, saying “we are back to
      square one, rebuilding an alliance almost from
      scratch”. Furthermore, trying to impose a programme
      (People Before Profit) plus a “principle issue” of
      republicanism (which I agree with but does not seem
      particularly important to me) on the alliance before
      the founding conference has even taken place is bound
      to limit its appeal. I intend to join the SA(P) and
      attend its conference, but I think the DSA will be a
      much more serious organisation.

      I have laid the groundwork for the development of an
      organisation like the SSP (as I hope the DSA will be)
      by discussing with a lot of people and handing out a
      lot of leaflets, mainly in Manchester, in the six and
      a half years since I left the Socialist Party. I
      failed in my attempts to launch a Greater Manchester
      Democratic Socialist Alliance (GMDSA) before the
      election, but I am proposing that the Manchester area
      SADP is renamed as the GMDSA. I intended to stand as
      an Independent Socialist candidate in the Manchester
      Withington constituency in the general election (that
      will take place on Thursday the 5th of May), but
      failed to get nominated in time. Nevertheless, I have
      handed out and will continue to hand out copies of my
      manifesto (which you can download or read on-line by
      clicking here), promoting the GMDSA. I am additionally
      handing out an A4 leaflet with the first page of my
      manifesto on one side and details of the Revolutionary
      Platform of the SSP plus information on torture and
      protests against the G8 in Scotland in July on the
      other (which you can read by clicking here), mainly in
      Glasgow. I think I delayed getting ten people to
      nominate me until too late due to subconsciously
      realising that it was better not to become an MP, due
      to believing primarily in revolution from below and
      having a lot of other projects (particularly my future
      revolutionary socialist band Galaxia), and realising
      that it was far more important for me to help the SSP
      get good votes (and possibly at least one MP) in
      Glasgow – putting the interests of the working class
      as a whole before my own interests.

      I have now decided to live in and conduct sustained
      political activities from at least three places in the
      coming period – Fallowfield in Manchester, the
      Shettleston branch area of Glasgow SSP, and Penarth
      (the town near Cardiff in which I spent my last five
      years at school).

      I joined Glasgow Shettleston branch of the SSP at its
      2005 Perth conference, which I have described in my
      document on Scottish Socialist Party history, 2005
      conference report and Revolutionary Platform plans. I
      have set up a Revolutionary Platform of the SSP
      discussion group and discussion group, in preparation
      for its launch as an organisation in the near future.
      I also regard myself as a supporter of the
      International Socialist Movement platform of the SSP,
      and will hopefully join that platform soon as well.

      The other major initiative that I have launched
      recently is the Campaign for Democracy in the UK.
      There is a page on this website containing more
      details of this campaign.

      The other major initiative that I am going to be
      participating in is a revolutionary socialist band,
      which I have decided to call “Galaxia” – named after
      the very left-wing future of the galaxy at the end of
      Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. I will be one of the
      singers in the band, but I am inviting some
      established musicians/singers to join the band as well
      as some people I know – either as permanent band
      members or to join us for the odd gig/CD. I will soon
      set up a website, www.galaxiamusic.org, and have set
      up a ‘galaxiamusic’ discussion group dedicated to the
      band, even though the band has not yet been formed. I
      have set up a music page on this website here.

      As well as being a political activist, I am a computer
      programmer, and have developed a modelling language
      called SDML (which has a discussion group at
      which may be of use to other socialist programmers
      (especially those who know Prolog). As I explain in my
      “Socialism and Conspiracies” document, and on my page
      on SDML on this website, I believe that this language
      is being used by conspiratorial organisations (on both
      sides: the working class and big business) to model
      the past and present state of the world in order to
      predict the future and determine what they need to do
      to achieve their desired outcome. Asimov (or rather
      his character Hari Seldon) calls it “psychohistory” in
      his Foundation series, when used by a computer to
      model a revolution throughout the galaxy, but our
      brains utilise the same technique to tackle sub-goals
      in our day-to-day tasks. My page on Isaac Asimov on
      this website discusses the significance of Asimov’s
      literature, concentrating on the Foundation series. If
      you want to try SDML out, I recommend that you
      allocate about five consecutive days to work through
      the tutorial.

      Two arcade-style computer games that I and my brother
      designed and implemented are available for free
      downloading on Windows platforms (via an Amstrad
      CPC464 emulator). For more information, click here.

      Many of my most important documents and leaflets are
      accessible from the Documents & Leaflets page.

      For statistics on this website, including number of
      hits, click here.

      [Note: the statistics are not being gathered any more,
      due to the huge number of people who are now accessing
      my website after sending out this message to many
      other places yesterday, but you may find the old stats

      Note that my old webspace provider, hostway, refused
      to hand over my domain name www.stevewallis.org, hence
      my need to switch to www.socialiststeve.me.uk when I
      transferred to ukfast.net, which I know is reliable
      (as well as the fastest in the UK according to at
      least one independent survey) because I know the
      person who runs it: my second cousin Lawrence Jones.

      Steve Wallis (http://www.socialiststeve.me.uk).
      My socialist election manifesto: http://www.socialiststeve.me.uk/manifesto.
      Proposer of Revolutionary Platform of the Democratic Socialist Alliance (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/revolutionary-platform-of-democratic-socialist-alliance).
      Member of Glasgow Shettleston branch of the Scottish Socialist Party (http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org), supporter of the International Socialist Movement platform of the SSP (http://www.redflag.org.uk) and initiator of the Revolutionary Platform of the SSP (http://www.revolutionaryplatformofthessp.org, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/revolutionary-platform-of-the-ssp).
      Initiator of the Campaign for Democracy in the UK (http://www.democracycampaign.org.uk; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/campaign-for-democracy-in-the-uk) and Campaign for Sanity in the NHS (http://www.health-service-sanity.org).
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