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LETTER/Don't Let Centralabs Revive HLS

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  • Kathryn L.Kovach
    LETTER/Don t Let Centralabs Revive HLS ... From: Kinship Circle Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 9:11 PM 1/12/05--Don t Let Centralabs Revive HLS KINSHIP
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      LETTER/Don't Let Centralabs Revive HLS
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 9:11 PM

      1/12/05--Don't Let Centralabs Revive HLS
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      *DISCLAIMER: The information in these letters is verified with the original source. I cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information or for the consequences of its use. Nothing in this email is intended to encourage illegal action in whatever country you are reading it in.

      *Kinship Circle cannot guarantee the validity of email addresses. During a campaign, recipients may change or disable their email addresses.


      shacusa@... [edited for length]
      Hidden behind another name is the emerging clinical division of Life Sciences Research Inc., (the name Huntingdon Life Sciences took when it was forced to relocate and reincorporate in the US). HLS now has TWO divisions, the infamous animal testing services and the very quiet non-animal clinical testing services.

      Centralabs actively recruits much needed business to the lab in areas it could not previously compete for. With Centralabs HLS hopes to corner the market on phase I - IV research, consolidate pharmaceutical support, and essentially secure its uncertain future.

      Centralabs is one and the same with Huntingdon. They share the same facilities, employees, phone lines, and payroll. Huntingdon's survival largely depends on the success of the sales of their new clinical (no animal testing) division.

      PLEASE take 20 minutes this week for all those animals suffering in vivisection labs and help us expose Centralabs as the rather sinister new front to Huntingdon. Write, email, call, fax, and PROTEST HLS as it begs for business scraps at this week's major Institute for International Research conference in Las Vegas.

      Schedule: Centralabs will present at the Conference twice. The first panel is on January 18 at 2PM on 'Track A' on the topic of 'Challenges within Eastern Asia for Drug Development and Central Lab Services.' Linda Yare, MSc, is the Global Head of Sales for Centralabs.

      On January 19 at 2PM on 'Track A' Paul Travis, the Global Operations Director for Centralabs will be on a panel discussion on the topic of 'Cost Drivers for Central Lab Services.'




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      Institute for International Research, Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, and industry media sponsors:

      Please accept my comments in regard to the Institute for International Research (IIR) conference at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I am alarmed to learn Centralabs is scheduled to present twice (1/18 and 1/19) during the conference.

      Are you aware that Centralabs is the clinical testing division of Life Sciences Research, Inc. (LSRI)--the title Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) assumed when forced to reincorporate in the U.S.? Centralabs is synonymous with Huntingdon Life Sciences. HLS presence at the IIR conference will undoubtedly spark complaints and protests.

      I question the integrity of any organization or business with ties to HLS, a laboratory cited for multiple violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Huntingdon's record includes violations of Good Laboratory Practice in England, the arrest of workers on animal cruelty charges, and a $50,000 payoff to the USDA for numerous animal welfare infractions.

      HLS performs animal tests "only reliable 5-25% of the time," according to one record. Animals are returned to barren cages to seize, vomit and collapse unattended. I urge you to visit <http://www.insidehls.com> to view documentation from five undercover investigations.

      Photos and videotape reveal technicians who mistakenly insert dosing tubes into dogs' lungs, causing instant death as the animals drown in toxic materials. In one video clip, a technician punches a beagle puppy in the face. During a supposedly post-mortem dissection, another tech slices into the chest of a convulsing monkey.

      A former employee who worked in the Histology department claims necropsy reports were riddled with errors, animals were never anesthetized or euthanised properly, and that she regularly heard the yelping of alert dogs during fatal procedures. Another one-time employee states: "I saw monkeys hunched over in pain after abdominal surgery. One of the employees doing the surgery told me that she had 'no idea what [she] was doing.'"

      HLS is also on the verge of bankruptcy, due to poor business conduct, a huge debt, and plummeting stock price. Procter & Gamble, Rhom and Haas, Allergan, Merck, CBC Co. Ltd., and other companies no longer do business with HLS. Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab and Co., Schwab Capital Markets L.P., Citibank, Barclays, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Trimark, Oracle Partners, and Stephen's Inc. are among the many firms that have divested shares or terminated custody services and transactions in HLS securities.

      With Centralabs, HLS can garner new business in the area of I - IV research, including simple analytical work, specimen management, investigator support services and demographic cleanup. Huntingdon's uncertain future is contingent upon the financial status of Centralabs.

      I appeal to the Institute for International Research, Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, and industry media sponsors: Please do not facilitate Huntingdon Life Sciences. I respectfully ask you to institute an industry-wide ban on HLS attendance at all conferences. Inept research and falsified records may be the norm at HLS/LSRI, but illegal animal cruelty is inexcusable.

      Thank you,




      1.) Conference Hotel:

      Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino
      3700 W. Flamingo Road
      Las Vegas, NV 89103
      ph: 702-777-7777, 1-800-777-1400
      email: riomeetings@...
      Aloycia Bellillie, events coordinator for the hotel:
      ph: 1-800-345-8016 ext.3702
      email: abellillie@...

      **PROTEST Driving Directions:

      2.) Conference Host:

      The Institute for International Research
      The Institute for International Research is a conference and seminar planning organization that works with over 650,000 companies across the world planning events. The IIR has multiple divisions, including a pharmaceutical, that is in desperate need of education on the dangers posed by the type of research and business their conferences allow Huntingdon to market. Please contact the IIR with polite and informative letters about HLS, Centralabs, and our very famous protest campaign. A quick glance at the conference attendees shows this Sin City event is the ground zero for animal cruelty as past and potential HLS clients are converging here in droves, from such notables as GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Chiron, Procter and Gamble, Bristol Myers Squibb, Wyeth, Eli Lilly, and Covance.

      The Institute for International Research
      708 Third Avenue, 4th Floor
      New York, New York 10017
      ph [customer service]: 888-670-8200; [NYC office]: 212-661-3500
      fax [customer service]: 941-365-2507; [NYC office]: 212-599-2192
      email: register@...
      Debra Chipman, President: dchipman@...
      Valerie Bowling, Division Manager, Pharmaceutical Division: vbowling@...

      3.) Media Sponsors:

      This IIR conference has several 'industry media' sponsors who will exhibit and cover the event. They are mouthpieces for the pharmaceutical industry and are unfriendly to the animal rights message. When writing, calling, faxing, emailing be sure to highlight the criminal sanctions suffered by HLS, the poor business management, the staggering debt, and the absolute intensity of the animal rights effort plaguing its operations.

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      Applied Clinical Trials Magazine
      Applied Clinical Trial Magazine
      485 Route 1 South, Building F, First Floor
      Iselin, NJ 08830,
      ph: 732-596-0276; fax: 732-596-0003
      Toby Jane Hindin, Editor-in-Chief--ph: 1-732-346-3080; email: thindin@...
      Rob Davidson, Managing Editor--ph: 1-732-346-3035; email: rdavidson@...
      Jeff Ryan, Associate Editor--ph: 1-732-346-3022; email: jryan@...

      Good Clinical Practice Journal
      PJB Publications
      270 Madison Avenue
      New York, New York 10016
      ph: 212-262-8230; fax: 212-262-8234
      email: Pharmabooks@...

      15907 Two Rivers Cove
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      Rebecca Kush, Ph.D., President: rkush@...
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      Pharma Voice
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      Marah Walsh, Creative Director and Managing Partner: mwalsh@...


      ***WHO IS HUNTINGDON LIFE SCIENCES? Fact Sheet with graphic photos: http://www.kinshipcircle.org/fact_sheets/default.html

      ***TO ORDER INSIDE/OUT: DIARY OF MADNESS ($10)--the booklet with graphic images from HLS protests and investigations--send an email request, with your name and street address, to: info@...


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