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New Years HLS Candlelight Vigil in NYC

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  • Ima Vegan
    ****Cross Post Freely**** Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 7pm REMINDER: CANDLELIGHT VIGIL FOR JOEY W.A.R. TARGET HLS CEO ANDREW BAKER Two-thirds of the
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      ****Cross Post Freely****

      Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 7pm

      W.A.R. TARGET

      "Two-thirds of the Colgate-Palmolive dogs are dead�I
      went in to see Joey one last time. Each time I went by
      room 906, there were fewer and fewer dogs left. Each
      of the remaining dogs grew more and more frantic about
      getting my attention when I looked in the window. I
      asked Brian in necropsy to save number 1055, Joey, for
      me. He's one of the control dogs and got an empty
      gelatin capsule each day�. He asked me why. I told him
      he just seemed like a nice dog. He laughed at me and
      said: "Yeah, but what does he do?" I shrugged and just
      told him that I liked him. He laughed again. Needless
      to say, Joey was killed." Michelle Rokke, Diary of
      Despair - Inside HLS. 1-8-97 HLS Lab, E. Millstone, NJ

      Saturday, January 1st, compassionate New Yorkers will
      gather at 279 Central Park West (W. 88th St.), the
      home of Andrew Baker, CEO of HLS, to protest the
      killing of innocent animals for product testing. Bring
      a loud voice and your passion to speak out for the
      animals held prisoner in HLS labs and breeding
      facilities. Right now there are over 70,000 animals in
      HLS labs including beagles, cats and kittens, rabbits,
      hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, rats and mice, etc.
      Today, January 1, 2005 let us rededicate ourselves to
      beagle pups like Joey and the countless others, who
      even now, are imprisoned in the cold steel cages and
      concrete pens of HLS.

      HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) is one of the world's
      largest contract animal testing companies. Five
      undercover investigations have revealed the horrors
      hidden behind the closed doors of HLS, a company
      responsible for the torture and mutilation of hundreds
      of thousands of animals and death of 500 animals a
      day. Please join us in sending a message to one of the
      most reviled corporate executives in the USA, Andrew

      WHEN: Saturday, January 1, 2005 7:00 PM
      WHERE: 279 Central Park West at 88th St.

      For more info contact: centcom@... or call:
      or visit the Win Animal Rights/WAR website at:

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