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(NYC) NYPD Protest Following HLS/Baker Demo

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  • Ima Vegan
    ******Cross Post Freely****** True Patriots are those who Speak Out Against Injustice & Oppression Protect Freedom of Speech & Assembly On Sunday, July 18,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2004
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      ******Cross Post Freely******

      True Patriots are those who Speak Out Against
      Injustice & Oppression
      Protect Freedom of Speech & Assembly

      On Sunday, July 18, 2004, NY activists will continue
      the 16 month campaign to Smash Huntingdon Life
      Sciences at the home of it's CEO, Andrew Baker.
      After the demonstration, to protest the unreasonable
      denial of our application for a sound permit, we will
      be marching to the NYPD 24th Precinct, where we will
      proudly exercise our constitutional rights to "Freedom
      of Speech" & "Freedom of Assembly". Please join us.
      Without a bullhorn we will need all of your loud and
      passionate voices!

      Event: Community Outreach - Andrew Baker, CEO of HLS
      Date: Sunday, July 18, 2004
      Time: 4:00 pm sharp
      Meeting place: W. 88th St. and Central Park West
      Next Protests: Sunday, August 1, 2004 & August 15,

      Followed by: March to the New York Police Dept. 24th
      Precinct to celebrate Freedom of Speech and Assembly
      and to protest the withholding of sound permits for
      Date: Sunday, July 18, 2004
      Time: 6:00 pm
      Place: NYPD 24th Precinct, 151 W. 100th St. (off
      Amsterdam Ave)

      Please continue reading for suggestions on what you
      can do to help stop the harassment of peaceful
      protesters and to restore the protection of our
      constitutional rights.

      Thank you for your support!


      The 70,000 animals at HLS include cats & dogs, puppies
      & kittens, primates, rabbits, rats & mice and even
      farm animals. These animals suffer great pain, before
      they are killed, to test consumer products. HLS does
      no medical research. There are alternatives to animal
      testing. The animals have no voice. They depend on us.
      If we allow the police to silence us, who will speak
      for the suffering animals at Huntingdon Life Sciences?

      Call or write Mayor Bloomberg, & Inspector Dean and
      ask them to honor the Mayor's commitment to allow
      peaceful protesters the right to "Freedom of Speech
      and Assembly" as guaranteed by our Constitution:

      Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
      City Hall
      New York, NY 10007
      PHONE: 212-NEW-YORK
      FAX: 212-788-2460

      Inspector James Dean
      24th Precinct
      151 West 100th Street
      New York, New York 10025
      Phone: 212-678-1811
      FAX: 212-678-1839

      or e-mail: Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly

      For more information, please contact:
      N. Y. Animal Rights Activists
      718-677-7656 or 646-267-9934

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      Vote for the stars of Yahoo!'s next ad campaign!
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