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  • Sarah Rhubarb
    This is your last chance to sign these petitions; please read this letter, it s already been sent to the DNC and will be printed and taken there in paper form
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
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      This is your last chance to sign these petitions; please read this
      letter, it's already been sent to the DNC and will be printed and
      taken there in paper form as well. As well, I'd like to make a call
      out to any Kerry delegates who saw Farenheit 9-11 and are now as
      totally unwilling to vote for a democrat who wants us to stay in Iraq
      as a republican. Please, you *can* vote *for* your true party and
      conscience by voting for Kucinich at the national convention... and
      save our world from corporately controlled wars/privatized health
      care, and more.
      You say you want a revolution, well, you know.....
      -Sarah Sue Roberts


      Democratic National Convention

      c/o Democratic National Committee
      430 S. Capitol St. SE
      Washington, DC 20003

      Democratic National Convention
      c/o Democratic National Committee
      430 S. Capitol St. SE
      Washington, DC 20003

      Dear DNC,

      Included, you will find two petitions (which were located at:
      http://www.petitiononline.com/NBK/petition.html and
      http://www.petitiononline.com/DJK/petition.html ). I started these
      petitions in order to try to harness and examine the discord coming
      from our party which has been sown by the idea of a Kerry nomination.
      It was not my intent to insult Senator Kerry or the DNC, but rather
      to alert you to the extreme discontent that has been brewing in our
      party. I worked within the confines of appealing to Kucinich voters
      because I believe that Representative Kucinich is the candidate that
      appeals most to those uninspired by the current choice; those who,
      with their crucial percentage of votes, have the power to make or
      break a democratic victory in November.

      Within the ranks of those who voted for Kucinich in the primaries, are
      large numbers of people who have previously felt estranged by the
      democratic party but who now feel their concerns voiced by
      Representative Kucinich. I was, unfortunately, unable to gather all
      of the voices of discord out there, as I am working on my own and have
      very little time and no access to large numbers of voters. Many
      people wrote me in agreement and with various discontents about having
      Senator Kerry as their nominee; but were unwilling to sign the
      petitions either because of a new fear or disgust with the democratic
      party, or with upsets over the language in the petitions (which were
      worded that way to test the waters re the depth of the anti-Kerry

      The numbers of signers ranked in the hundreds per day, until the Kerry
      nomination was clinched. When it was reported that Kerry had the
      appropriate number of delegates to win the nomination, signatures
      dropped off. However, I would not take this as a sign of support for
      Kerry; rather, it speaks to the hopelessness that people feel, and
      their sudden lack of interest in the political processes . It is more
      likely that extremely disillusioned people will simply not vote at
      all, rather than sign on as a Kerry supporter.

      Even with all of these deterrents, these signatures are still an
      example of a problem which is much larger than these small petitions
      can demonstrate; the scope of which might be somewhat glimpsed by the
      large numbers of votes that Nader obtains during sample IRV polls in
      competitions between Bush, Kerry, and Nader only (such as the polls at

      These petitions (minus pranked signatures) represent large amounts of
      people who do not trust Kerry at all, many of whom would be unwilling
      to vote for him in any circumstances. My only suggestion, if the
      nomination of Congressman Kucinich himself is an impossibility, is for
      the DNC and Senator Kerry to make enormous and obvious gestures of
      appeasement to these disillusioned voters. For instance, Senator
      Kerry might promise to adopt important parts of the Kucinich platform
      (such as his plans for canceling the WTO and NAFTA and withdrawing
      from Iraq) AND choose Mr. Kucinich as a running mate (but only if
      Representative Kucinich himself is agreeable to such an idea). This
      is perhaps the only way very important and needed percentages of
      disillusioned voters will be more willing to vote for a Kerry
      presidency. If the delegates do not vote for Representative Kucinich
      himself, then this is the only way I can see to draw in these
      disillusioned voters, as most of them are extremely distrustful of
      Senator Kerry (because he is much too connected to corporate
      interests, and after viewing Fahrenheit 9-11, most people do not want
      to vote for any candidate who wishes to keep us in Iraq, including
      Senator Kerry).

      I sincerely hope that the DNC and Senator Kerry see the wisdom of such
      a gesture toward the large number of voters who have the power to
      create a win for the Democrats; but who, if not appeased, will leave
      the democrats to a certain loss. Short of a Kucinich nomination
      itself, this may be the only gesture that will ensure a democratic
      victory in November.


      Sarah Sue Roberts
      2314 Torrance Blvd. #3
      Torrance, CA 90501
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