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Suppliers Action Alert - Aramark & Rhys Davies

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    [shac-uk] Suppliers Action Alert - Aramark & Rhys Davies Date: 3/18/04 8:46:20 AM Eastern Standard Time From: closehls@webtribe.net SHAC Suppliers Action
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2004
      [shac-uk] Suppliers Action Alert - Aramark & Rhys Davies
      Date: 3/18/04 8:46:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
      From:    closehls@...

      SHAC Suppliers Action Alert - Aramark & Rhys Davies

      Aramark - a sick job for a dirty company.
      Aramark is so mired in it's own greed that it will take on the lowest jobs from the worst companies. The workers in HLS are the lowest of the low, among some of the most despicable humans on this planet. Yet, it is their waste and left-overs that Aramark cleans up.

      Where dozens of other companies continue to see the commonsense of dumping HLS, Aramark simply refuses to clean up it's own act and get out of the pit. If that is not bad enough, Aramark actually sort out HLS's other cleaning contracts for them as well, to the extent that they will even pay the other company's invoices if HLS has not paid up after two weeks. In other words, they are giving HLS a credit line!

      We'll there is more than one way to clean out the rubbish, and the animal rights movement are in town to see that everything is going to be spotless. And that means companies wallowing in a mess of their own making are simply going to have to go. It's scrub-down time for the filthy profiteers of Aramark; the blood from the money they get for servicing HLS is just going to have to be washed from their hands.

      Below are some of the top people at Aramark with a load of contact details, including work contacts for the top managers. Get on the phone and fax and demand that they clean their own hands next by dumping HLS back into its own filthy pit.

      Rhys Davies - a company in love with HLS it seems, for ever trying to find intermediaries to pass their parcels onto the animal torture camp. Several times they have been caught out using other firms to act on their behalf.  They just cannot get enough of HLS, and are too thick to get the message that they are going to be kept found out until they drop every business deal with HLS for good.

      Or maybe they just need some gentle reminding, that HLS have an appointment with the bankruptcy courts, and that we are damn well going to ensure that they get there, whether Rhys Davies like it or not. Contact the following people running Rhys Davies to urge them to face up to reality and drop HLS.

      Aramark Ltd (UK Headquarters)
      Millbank Tower
      21-24 Millbank
      London, SW1P 4QP
      Tel: 0207 963 0000
      Fax: 0207 963 0525

      Andrew Merrett - Communications & Marketing Director; Email: merrett-andrew@...

      Adrian Downhill Sales & Marketing Manager
      Email: downhill-adrian@... & parallel@...

      Julie Neal - Strategic Purchasing Director; Email: neal-julie@...

      Michael Simpkins - Corporate Marketing Manager; Email: simpkins-michael@...

      Dawn Wise - Recruitment Manager: Email: wise-dawm@... & recruitment@...

      Edward House, Grange Business Park,
      Enderby Road, Whetstone,
      Leicester, LE8 6EP
      Tel: 0116 275 9413 / 9415 / 9416
      Fax: 0116 278 0037

      John Payne -UK Sales Director; Email: payne-john@...
      Lisa Mason - Communciations Executive; Email: mason-lisa@...

      Beck House, Hawksworth Road
      Leeds, LS18 4JP
      Tel: 0113 205 323
      Fax: 0113 205 0875

      Simon Palfreeman - Business Development Manager; Email: palfreeman-simon@...

      The Ground Floor, The Parkway, Wickham Road
      Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7JL
      Tel: 0132 982 6060
      Fax: 0132 982 6066

      Tom Callaghan - Business Development Director; Email: callaghan-tom@...  

      1 Coombe Square, Thatcham
      Berkshire, RG19 4JF
      Tel: 0165 586 0880
      Fax: 0163 586 9941

      Kathy Budd - Director for Education; Email: education@...

      Aramark Ltd
      Phoenix House, Phoenix Crescent,
      Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, Lanarkshire

      Roy Miller - Managing Director, Scotland;  Email: miller-roy@...
      Graham Merchant - Operations Manager;  Email: merchant-graham@...

      Rhys Davies Freight Logistics

      Unit 1, Autobase industrial park,
      Tipton road, Tividale,
      Oldbury, West Midlands
      B69 3HU
      Tel 0121 520 6300
      Fax: 0121 520 1391
      Email: steve.joyce@...: he is the operations manager for this site.

      Andy Keeling is in charge of deliveries to HLS.
      Email: andy.keeling@...; Tel: 0121 521 4903 (direct line)

      Head Office
      Rhys Davies Freight Logistics
      Moy Road Industrial Estate
      Taffs Well
      CF15 7QR
      Tel: 029 2081 1611 / 0587
      Fax: 029 2081 0762 / 0717
      Email: info@...
      Web: www.rhysdavies.co.uk - visit for more information on this company

      Top Management:
      gwyn.davies@... (Chairman)
      geoff.brogan@... (Managing Director)
      martin.johns@... (Financial Director)
      paul.hodgkiss@... (Operations Director)
      peter.owen@... (Head of Business Development; 029 2081 0587)
      john.lyon@... (Forwarding Manager)
      gareth.jones@... (Health, Safety, Quality & IT Manager)
      gary.phillips@... (Business Implementation Manager)

      Mark Richmond - general manager for Cardiff: mark.richmond@...

      Business    Rhys Davis Freight Logistics
      Unit 5,    Murraysgate Industrial Estate
      Whitburn, West Lothian, EH47 0LE
      Tel:    01501 743 772
      Fax:    01501 742 232


      A list of all email addresses contained in this action alert is contained here:
      webmaster@..., merrett-andrew@..., payne-john@..., toner-bill@..., merchant-graham@..., palfreeman-simon@..., callaghan-tom@..., education@..., budd-kathy@..., downhill-adrian@..., parallel@..., miller-roy@..., neal-julie@..., greatcoffee@..., mason-lisa@..., sender-gary@..., recruitment@..., wise-dawn@...

      Rhys Davies Freight Logistics
      info@..., steve.joyce@..., andy.keeling@..., gwyn.davies@..., geoff.brogan@..., martin.johns@..., paul.hodgkiss@..., peter.owen@..., mark.richmond@..., john.lyon@..., gareth.jones@..., gary.phillips@...
      All details in this action alert are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used for any illegal activities as defined by the jurisdiction you live in. SHAC are not involved in and do not encourage any form of harassment or illegal action. Nothing in this action alert has the purpose of inciting such behaviour.

      For general information on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences,
      please visit the websites www.shac.net and www.shacamerica.net; alternatively contact Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630 or by email at info@....

      Please feel free to forward on this action alert.

      Protect R Wildlife (PA Rep.) http://www.ProtectRWildlife.org
      PAWS-BAY (Auction for Wildlife) PAWS-Bay Home
      TNR + TNR +
      K.A.W.S. 4 KIDS K.A.W.S

      Put an end to Huntingdon Life Sciences once and for all

      Help end the cat and dog meat trade

      Tell of your passions of the causes you fight for!


      "The Earth And Her Threatened Animal Nations Deserve The Same Level Of Defense That We Support When Human Life Is Threatened. Otherwise We Are Just More Hypocrites Wanting Change Without The Risk And Sacrifice That Is Already Being Made By Others."

      I Believe It Is Far Better To Live For Animal Liberation Than To Die For It.
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