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Back for More!!

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    [closehls] Back for More!! Date: 2/18/04 7:38:23 PM Eastern Standard Time From: shacusa@envirolink.org Back For More! Two previously beaten down Market
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      [closehls] Back for More!!
      Date: 2/18/04 7:38:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
      From:    shacusa@...

      Back For More!

      Two previously beaten down Market Makers have tried to sneak back into the picture. This week Wien Securities and Crown Financial Group (formerly M.H. Meyerson and Co.) began again making a market for HLS’s pathetic stock. Both of these companies had been swatted down once before for such foolishness. Both realize the horrors of Huntingdon and ran scared from our prior protest pressure.

      Let’s make quick work of these bastards:

      Wien Securities:

      The Toll Free Numbers (our weapon of choice):
      800 624 0050
      800 419 9187
      888 576 1828
      800 898 2777
      888 306 1998

      The office address:
      525 Washington Blvd, Suite 3600
      Jersey City, NJ 07310

      Black Fax Number: (201) 798 5600
      Jersey City Number: (201) 216 9100
      Boca Raton Number:  (561) 361 0771
      International Number: (561) 361 0951
      Canada Number: (201) 216 1608
      Englewood Cliffs Number: (201) 569 3034

      Email: brett@...


      Crown Financial Services

      The Toll Free Numbers (Pay Phone FUN!)
      800 777 6469
      800 888 8118
      800 422 4114
      800 999 9119

      The office address:
      525 Washington Blvd, 34th Floor
      Jersey City, NJ 07310

      [NOTE the same building as Wien, oh my – this should make protests easy.]

      Main Switchboard: (201) 459 9500


      “The Market Maker wars are just heating up. Our longtime foe, Legacy Trading, out of Oklahoma, is in for a nasty surprise coming up. HLS is desperate to get back trading on the NASDAQ – and we’ve got our work cut out for us. Expect some surprises and urgent action requests. We’ve come along way in the last two years and achieved so much. This is ‘make or break’ time for Huntingdon and we have to be on our best game! Stay tuned to www.shacamerica.net for updates and please stay active for the animals.”
      Check http://www.shacamerica.net daily for updates on the campaign to CLOSE HLS!!

      Protect R Wildlife (PA Rep.) http://www.ProtectRWildlife.org

      Put an end to Huntingdon Life Sciences once and for all

      Help end the cat and dog meat trade

      Tell of your passions of the causes you fight for!


      "The Earth And Her Threatened Animal Nations Deserve The Same Level Of Defense That We Support When Human Life Is Threatened. Otherwise We Are Just More Hypocrites Wanting Change Without The Risk And Sacrifice That Is Already Being Made By Others."

      I Believe It Is Far Better To Live For Animal Liberation Than To Die For It.
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