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Fw: Home Demos Today against HLS (NJ)

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  • Colleen Klaum
    From: shac_east_coast shac_east_coast@ziplip.com Date: Thu May 29, 2003 12:05:34 PM US/Eastern forwarded. please continue to distribute. there will be home
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       From: shac_east_coast shac_east_coast@...
       Date: Thu May 29, 2003  12:05:34  PM US/Eastern

       forwarded.  please continue to distribute.

       there will be home demos tomorrow against HLS employees.  the schedule 
      is as follows:

       meet in the parking lot of the Princeton Wild Oats (255 Nassau St.) at 
      12:15 for two home demos ending at 4:30PM.

       meet at Southwest Burrito (10 Easton Ave. in New Brunswick NJ -- a 
      block away from the NJT train station) at 5:15PM for home demos ending 
      at 7:30PM.

       be there and help round up this National Week of Home Demos!!

       shac_east_coast@... exists to forward announcements from third 
      parties to activists campaigning to close HLS in the Northeast. the 
      information forwarded concerns events, announcements, action alerts, 
      etc. that are relevant to anti-HLS activists in this area. 
      shac_east_coast@... does not independently create action 
      alerts, etc., but merely dissemminates information from other parties 
      that would not otherwise reach activists to whom it may pertain.

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