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Re: [HLSsucks] Re: Amazing! Deloitte & Touche Pull Out After Only 10 Days

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  • Colleen Klaum
    Loud speakers do wonders Pascal, lol. Colleen-Catwoman Pascal De Bock wrote:Yes I was informed by the jungle drum it had happened too!
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 6, 2003

      Loud speakers do wonders Pascal, lol.



       Pascal De Bock <pascal3@...> wrote:

      Yes I was informed by the jungle drum it had happened too! got so
      many rescues coming in that I am late with all the catching up still
      goes to show how it goes when people make their voice heard! carries
      better with a loud speaker but yet again!hehe! Pascal

      --- In HLSsucks@yahoogroups.com, "purrrrrrshia <purrrrrrshia@y...>"
      <purrrrrrshia@y...> wrote:
      > You've done it again. This evening, as late as they possibly could,
      > in a pathetic attempt to avoid the press, Deloitte & Touche have
      > waved the white flag and surrendered to SHAC.
      > Deloitte & Touche put up on their website the following statement
      > from John Connolly, their UK senior partner: "Having completed the
      > audit for 2002, we will not be offering ourselves for re-election
      > auditors to Huntingdon Life Sciences."
      > After just 10 days of getting hammered by activists all over the UK
      > and all over the world, Deloitte & Touche, one of the top 4
      > accountancy firms in the world, has realised that being involved
      > animal killers HLS really doesn't pay.
      > There has never been a response to a target like this one � we were
      > swamped with phone calls and emails all day long as activists went
      > war against Deloitte & Touche. Offices were picketed, home demo's
      > were carried out on directors, locks were glued, offices and homes
      > were spraypainted. There was leafleting, there were mass phone
      > there were mass e-mails, there were actions taking place all over
      > world daily. Most of all there was the relentless drive and
      > determination of all of you to drive SHAC's message home: sever
      > links with HLS or face the consequences.
      > It really shows the power we all have that one of the largest
      > financial firms in the world have dropped Huntingdon so quickly.
      > embarrassing yet again for Huntingdon to be ditched so publicly by
      > such a massive and influential company with a large presence in the
      > biotech sector.
      > We now carry that message forward and say to HLS's customers: your
      > time has come. You know what we are capable of. Look at the website
      > and look at what happens to those who support HLS. Get ready
      > we are coming for you.
      > To all the Deloitte & Touche workers who showed your support �thank
      > you.
      > To every single person who targeted Deloitte & Touche � you are
      > inspirational. Keep up the fight, keep up the pressure � it's pay
      > back time for the animal killers.

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