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  • HLSsucks@yahoogroups.com
    Jun 1, 2014
      1981 - SARAH KITE
      1997 - ZOE BROUGHTON
      1997 - MICHELLE ROKKE
      2000 - OCCOLD

      Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is Europe's largest animal testing laboratory and one of the biggest in the world. HLS operates three testing centers: one in East Millstone, New Jersey and two in England. Imprisoned in these notorious laboratories are 70,000 animals including dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, rabbits, fish, mice and farm animals. All animals used in HLS's barbaric and worthless experiments are murdered at the end of the their misery-filled lives. 500 animals die at HLS every day.

      HLS's areas of research include testing the toxicity of pesticides, herbicides, food colorings, household products, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These experiments are often done by forcing a tube down the animal's throat and pouring the chemicals into the stomach of the victim. According to HLS lab reports, some of the animals in one experiment were recorded as "rotting, but still alive." Animal technicians are told not to play with the animals, like the dogs, because it is a waste of their time.

      HLS has been the subject of five undercover investigations exposing the horrendous animal cruelty and incompetence that goes on inside HLS. HLS employees have been exposed violently punching and shaking four-month-old beagle puppies, performing a necropsy (dissection) of a live monkey, transplanting a frozen pig's heart into a baboon, being drunk and taking drugs at work, falsifying scientific data, and breaking animal welfare laws. These investigations have resulted in HLS employees being convicted of animal cruelty, fined by the USDA and almost shut down by the UK government.

      HLS researchers admit that animal research is "only reliable 5 - 25% of the time". What about the other 75-95% of the time? When a worker was questioned on whether an experimental procedure was done correctly he replied, "Nope. Not supposed to, never saw it, never did it, can't prove it."
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