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Having a Baby When You're HIV Positive: New "This Month in HIV" Podcast

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    Advertisement July s Topic: Having a Baby When You re HIV Positive An Interview With Ann Kiessling, Ph.D., and Two Women in Mixed-Status Relationships Who
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
      This Month in HIV is a monthly podcast series from TheBody.com that reports on critical news in HIV. Each month, we interview prominent individuals in the HIV community about the issues that matter most in HIV treatment, prevention and activism.Advertisement
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      This Month in HIV

      This Month in HIV: A Podcast of the Most Critical HIV News

      Ann Kiessling, Ph.D.

      July's Topic:
      Having a Baby When You're HIV Positive
      An Interview With Ann Kiessling, Ph.D., and Two Women in Mixed-Status Relationships Who Explain How They Successfully Had Children

      Dramatic progress in HIV treatment over the past 10 years has completely changed our idea of what it means to be HIV positive. As the lives of HIVers grow longer and healthier, many of life's key experiences are back on the table. Since 75 percent of HIV-positive people are in their reproductive years, it's logical that one of those key experiences will be having a baby.

      Fortunately, in developed countries such as the United States, there are more reproductive choices today for HIV-positive people than ever before, although they may be hard to find. These choices mostly focus on mixed-status, heterosexual couples -- negative men with positive women, positive men with negative women.

      To talk with us about this new era of reproductive technology, we are pleased to feature three guests: an HIV fertility doctor and researcher, and two women -- one positive and one negative -- who are in mixed-status relationships and successfully had negative children using reproductive technologies.

      We hope you enjoy this edition of The Body's This Month in HIV! If you'd like to ensure you get every episode of This Month in HIV, we hope you'll subscribe to this podcast series using iTunes or another podcast tool! Check out our This Month in HIV home page for links and additional information.

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