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Ryan White CARE Act numbers released

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  • Nuris Rodriguez
    Here are the numbers for the Ryan White CARE Act as a result of the conference committee s finalizations on Labor HHS: The Labor, Health and Human Services
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2003
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      Here are the numbers for the Ryan White CARE Act as a result of the conference committee's finalizations on Labor HHS:


      "The Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations conference committee has completed the Senate and House versions of their spending bills and come up with some final numbers for the Ryan White CARE Act.  Title III, which had been poised to lose up to $4.4 million was instead flat funded (see numbers below). The full House is expected to approve the bill as part of the omnibus appropriations package when it returns on December 8. It is uncertain whether the Senate will return soon thereafter and approve the omnibus or wait until the 2nd session which convenes in January. Until that time, a continuing resolution is in place and CARE Act programs will operate at FY 2003 levels."  Nick Nopalitano, CAEAR Coalition.


      Ryan White CARE Act FY 2004 Funding Levels

      (Note that amounts are listed in thousands)

      Title I - $618,693 (flat funded)

      Title II - $1,092,384  

          Care Services - $339,067 (+1,000)

          ADAP - $753,317 (+38.99)

      Title III - $198,374 (flat funded)

      Title IV - $73,551 (flat funded)

      Dental - $13,405 (flat funded)

      AETC - $35,549 (flat funded)

      SUBTOTAL Ryan White AIDS Programs - $2,031,956

      Evolution Tap Funding - $25,000

      SUBTOTAL Ryan White AIDS Program Level - $2,056,956


      Source: The CAEAR Coalition

      Nuris Rodriguez, MSW
      Latino Commission on AIDS
      24 West 25th St
      New York, NY 10010
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