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102Re: [HFCCparalegal] Summary Judgment brief

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  • erica aytes
    Mar 14, 2005
      I hear you. But I've worked on this like nonstop all week. i planned on getting this done early and then getting the family one started. Yeah...this one sucks. i totally feel like i cant do this one

      capper5876 <capper5876@...> wrote:

      Well I have to type it up tonight.  I'm going on the angle not that
      he didn't do it, but that the force used doesn't meet the standard
      of cruel and unusual punishment.  I'm still reading caselaw and am
      just going to try to wing it with various quotes from cases.  I've
      only really searched in the 6th circuit rather than all federal
      cases.  I'll probably be up late tonight doing this one.  Manville
      was right when he said students don't work on assignments over
      spring break.  I didn't do a damn thing. 

      Gotta get this one out of the way cause I believe the draft on the
      support issue in Family Law is due next week.  At least a draft can
      be close to nothing, which is what I turned in last semester in
      Property Law.  And then I believe our responses to these summary
      judgment motions are due April 1st.  Time to get to work. 
      Unfortunately I've been spending so much time helping my daughter
      look for a car that there's been little time for anything else. And
      I'm getting killed at work with the amount of work I have in the
      courtroom I've been in since March 1st and many nights am doing work
      at home.  See ya guys tomorrow.  I'll probably be so tired I'll be a
      complete zombie sucking down Pepsi's.

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