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Re: [HENNESSY/ EY Genealogy Hennessy of Kilfinane and Glenbrohane

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  • Jackie Greuloch
    Dear Anne,   Thank you so much for your quick response and most informative email.  You have really done a great job exploring.  I will be sure to get in
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2010
      Dear Anne,
      Thank you so much for your quick response and most informative email.  You have really done a great job exploring.  I will be sure to get in touch with the people and places you mention.  As I mentioned, I still have Fox cousins whose grandmother was my great aunt Katherine Hennessy.  My cousin Nuala has taught in Kilfinane for 30 years.  They will help me and I will be sure to send all of your great info to them/
      Happy Easter.
      Jackie Hennessy-Greuloch
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      Subject: [HENNESSY/ EY Genealogy Hennessy of Kilfinane and Glenbrohane
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      Dear Jackie
      I have just re read your email and there is probably too much information in it but it may help someone else to to Limerick searching.
      I will search for Michael and William and get back to you as I don't have time now.

       I was so pleased to see this. My Hennessy family came out to South Australia in 1864, I know there were a brother and sister Ellen and James Hennessy from Ballingarry( townland) in Glenbrohane. James brought his wife Ellen and 4 children.  Glenbrohane is  so close to Kilfinane that I feel that it is likely that they are related. It is about 10kms and it is absolutely beautiful.
      There are Michaels in the family.  I will send the Hennessy part of my tree to you. I went there last year on a flying visit but I picked up enough to understand how to do some searching.
      Firstly go to familysearch. org  then advanced search and record search as their births are likely to be recorded. The BDMS in Ireland will search their records and you pay for the right ones. That should give you parents names and some more information.
      Secondly, contact the parish priest in Kilfinane and they all have a book which is typed, not 'orginal difficult to read', lists of all births and marriages for the parish. The parish priest Fr Willie Hennessy in Knocklong Glenbrohane which is just over the hill was so kind and helpful to me. This should have their baptisms, parents marriage and their sponsors and witnesses. From this you can probably go back further
      An online option is to use the Irish Family History website for Limerick. This is Catriona Crowe's records for the whole of Limerick. You pay 8 euros a view and expect to find the wrong family. However that was how I found Ellen Hennessy and her brother.  Sean Gannon at the Limerick City Library is also extremely helpful.
      Another option is to use contact Tipperary Excell Family History centre and they are terrific.They cover the Emly Cashel parish whicch includes these parishes. It costs but Charlotte Crowe is so helpful. And remember they know the area and understand the relationships with villages and the landscape. Pay for an initial search and if they are the right family then  here is link to show the landscape: http://maps. google.com. au/maps?utm_ campaign= en_AU&utm_ medium=ha& utm_source= en_AU-ha- apac-au-bk- gm&utm_term= google%20maps

       For your information: Ellen Hennessy is my g.grandmother who eventually settled in Timaru NZ. She married a james McCormick from Kilrush Clare. Ellen's parents were John Hennessy and Mary Condon , both long term established families in Glenbrohane. Hennesssys still live there and one of the older members of the faily died when I was there in Nov. . In the graveyard where I found the Hennessys and Condons buried there were mentions of people from Kilfinane who had married into the Glenbrohane families.
      Anne Horrigan-Dixon
      94 Park Street
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