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Michael Hennessy, Cork Conviction 1822

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    Excerpt from GENIRE-D Digest Volume 06 : Issue 22 X-Message: #3, 2/22/06 Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 20:20:26 +0000 (UTC) From: Dennis Ahern
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      Excerpt from GENIRE-D Digest Volume 06 : Issue 22
      X-Message: #3, 2/22/06
      Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 20:20:26 +0000 (UTC)
      From: Dennis Ahern <ahern@...>
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      Subject: Re: Excerpts from Irish newspapers

      From The Constitution or Cork Morning Post, 14 August 1822 -

      Tralee, County Kerry
      Since the commencement of our Assizes

      Michael Foley, Mathew Sullivan, Timothy Healy, and
      Arthur O'Leary, for murder of Mr. Brereton, to be hanged
      were executed this day.
      Owen Sullivan, Lawrence Sullivan, and Cornelius Casey,
      administering unlawful oaths, to be transported for life.
      John Currane, sheep stealing, to be transported for life.
      Mary Taugney, Larceny, no sentence.
      Michael M'Mahon, tried for the murder of Edmond
      Fitzgerald at Listowell, guilty of manslaughter, to be
      transported for life.
      Patrick Sullivan, and Denis Sullivan, administering unlawful
      oaths, to be transported for life.
      William Coffee, sheep stealing, like sentence.
      Thomas Rourke, burglary, to be hanged, day not
      William Shea, Goat stealing, no sentence.
      James Mahony, Cow stealing, to be transported.
      James Casey, Michael Hennessy, William Moore, and
      Honora Moore, the prisoners were put on their trial for the
      murder of Elizabeth Kelly, and the Prisoner Casey applied to
      have the trial postponed until the next Assizes, on account of
      the absence of material witnesses, grounded on an affidavit
      sworn yesterday. Mr. Lloyd, Counsel for the Crown
      opposing the application stated that the names of the
      witnesses having been communicated to the Crown Solicitor
      last night, he sent a carriage to the residence of the witnesses
      and they were brought to town this morning, and were then
      in attendance.
      The prisoners said they had no money to fee Counsel or
      Attorney, and the Court asked if there would be any
      inconvenience in postponing the trial till the next Assizes, the
      Counsel for the Crown, replied that there would probably be
      a failure of justice, but that to avoid all objection the Crown
      Solicitor would supply the prisoners with money to have
      professional assistance, and this being answered the trial was
      fixed for Monday next. William Moore who is deaf and
      dumb was then put to plead, and a witness having been
      examined to prove that he did not stand mute from
      obstinacy, but by the conviction of GOD, and that he
      understood signs, the nature of the charge was
      communicated to him, and the Clerk of the Crown was
      directed by the Court to record a plea of not guilty for him.

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