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Re: ATSC standard A/110

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  • Bob
    ... wrote:
    Message 1 of 48 , Jan 31 10:54 PM
      --- In HDTV-in-SFbay@yahoogroups.com, Kevin Diggs <kevdig@h...>

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      << Seems to me like if the transmission antennas are carefully
      located and the power to each is reduced then the number of people
      picking up multiple signals will be reduced (but not eliminated).>>

      Sounds simple on paper and that is the plan. Perhaps it could work
      for your location but not for the homes a couple of miles away, or
      vice versa.

      << I can't see KNTV or any other station for that matter going
      through the expense of setting this up only to get a handful of
      extra viewers. >>

      True, a handful of viewers wouldn't justify the expense. If you
      read the article I sent a week or so ago you saw that the expense
      would be never ending, mountain top maintenance, rent $$$, etcÂ…

      << Not to mention the inter-station turf wars that could result.>>

      It would not be a turf wars issue but some Very Real interference

      I could write pages but the bottom line is the San Francisco,
      Sacramento, San Jose market is one of the most frequency-congested
      areas in the country. Six TV stations in this area had a very
      difficult time coming up with channels for FCC Round Two that will,
      or might, or might not, work without causing, or receiving,
      interference. The FCC hasn't signed off on this yet.

      So, no, there will be no new "Sutro" on Loma Prieta. Adjacent
      channels only work when co-located.

      I would bet you could improve your reception with a better antenna,
      and one mounted on your roof.

      Such as the Channel Master 4221, which is available for $20, or the
      4228 for $50.

    • Thomas Weyer
      ... Belive me I know..... THe iron is NOT lost on me or any of the people I talked to at Fox :( As was mentioned unfortunately our affiate is actually
      Message 48 of 48 , Feb 10, 2006
        At 1:33 PM -0800 2/10/06, Kevin Diggs wrote:
        >thekatdude wrote:
        >> Have you written directly to KNTV? I gotten a waiver from them to get
        >> NBC HD on Direct, but the hold up is now KCRA. My contact with 3 have
        >> been fruitless. Fox.......forget it. I tried to get a waiver from 2
        >> and all they suggested was if I can't put an ariel up, is contact the
        >> local cable co... Funny thing....some of Fox's shows say "HD
        >> sponsered by DirecTV."
        >You do know that the same people that own Fox also own DirecTv.

        Belive me I know..... THe iron is NOT lost on me or any of the
        people I talked to at Fox :( As was mentioned unfortunately our
        affiate is actually owned by Cox Comm....

        >> --- In HDTV-in-SFbay@yahoogroups.com, Thomas Weyer <weyer@...> wrote:
        >>>I would request the addition to that list of areas focus on getting
        >>>your signal to. One that SHOULD be getting access to KNTVs signal as
        >>>we ACTUALLY live in San Fran. Due to the unwillingness of KNTV to
        >>>grant waviers many of us who live in the shadow of Sutro tower (16th
        >>>ave and Quintara in the Sunset) are unable to get Fox football in HD,
        >>>or 24. I will not rehash the lack of options (no DVR for DirectTV
        >>>that can bring in MPEG4, unavailability of OTA signal, unwillingness
        >>>to grant wavers (a truly broken FCC process that gives NO incentive
        >>>to the broadcaster to grant wavers, this should be at the discretion
        >>>of a NEUTRAL 3rd party perhaps the FCC NOT, one of the parties IN THE
        >>>If A/110 will allow you to remedy this situation I would strongly
        >>>encourage you to evaluate the technology and consider the good will
        >>>this could move could bring you in an increasingly frustrated market.
        >Good will won't pay the bills. The KPIX guy told me that setting up
        >multiple smaller transmitters would cost more than a single high power
        >site. With some things I have learned off of this board (like stations
        >don't make money via their transmitted signal anymore), I feel lucky to
        >have what I have. Perhaps this cable ale carte thing will help. People
        >who can get the DTV local channel signals should be able to opt out of
        >getting the local channels via cable (can you already do this?).

        The IF Cable functioned the way it was originally intended this WOULD
        have worked for me. That mean CATV stands for Community Access TV.
        A shared community Antenna for those who can't get an antenna signal
        on their own (sound like any of us here????) ;)

        UNFORTUNATELY Cable now shifts signals all over the place so it is no
        longer a shared antenna paradigm. Thus I can't just feed a Cable
        signal into my DTV HD-Tivo and have it record the standard ATSC Mpeg2
        HD signals that I SHOULD be able to pull off the air...... If I
        could I would pay them a couple bucks just to get Fox....

        > DTV
        >brings the promise of competition. From my experience, it is bloody near
        >impossible to get a clean NTSC picture in an urban setting.

        However the NTSC VHF signals are MUCH easier to pick up (simple
        frequency propagation differences), though ghosting is much harder to
        correct in the analog domain then multipath rejection in the digtal


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