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Re: Attn: Mr. Swank of KNTV (Was: Waiver from NBC to Watch Olympics Using DirecT

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  • Hong Cho
    Thank you for the response. Hong. ... allowance. The ... error ... of the ... the SF ... it will ... but you ... will still ... everyone
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      Thank you for the response.


      --- In HDTV-in-SFbay@yahoogroups.com, "Swank, Richard (NBC Universal,
      KNTV)" <richard.swank@n...> wrote:
      > According to my source in NY..this is an O&O automatic HDTV
      allowance. The
      > fact that DirecTV omitted San Francisco in their announcement was an
      > on DirecTV's part as it is suppose to be handles just like the rest
      of the
      > O&O markets.
      > My guess is that if you have a DirecTV HDTV system and you live in
      the SF
      > DMA you will be able to get the Olympics in HDTV over that system,
      it will
      > be the same 6 hour loop that we are going to broadcast over the air
      but you
      > should get it.
      > The USA Networks, Bravo, MSNBC, Telemundo and NBC covered events
      will still
      > need to be viewed via those normal paths.
      > Soooo many hours of coverage via all these mediums...I would hope
      > can see the events they want, it'll be there somewhere, enjoy.
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