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6566Re: Sutro Digital Stations off Friday

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  • mhensley_sj
    Aug 6, 2003
      My guess is ascending Sutro in the middle of the night is an
      unacceptable safety risk unless absolutely necessary. I think a lot
      of work is done on TV towers in the middle of the night--but most
      other TV towers aren't located in a foggy, damp climate like Sutro

      The middle of the day was probably chosen because that's when most
      people are at work (I'm not intending to slight people who work other
      hours or are currently out of work), the weather conditions are as
      optimal as Sutro gets, and because there isn't much HD programming on
      (mostly just SD programming upconverted).

      I think HD is still barely a blip on the overall broadcasting map
      (though prob. a bigger blip than last year at this time). In my
      humble opinion, it's probably not fair to say that stations don't
      care as much about HD viewers -- but they're certainly not going to
      worry about daytime maintenance outages for HD viewers right now as
      much as they would worry about an analog outage or satellite/cable
      outage during the same timeframe.

      --- In HDTV-in-SFbay@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Parshall"
      <mparshall@a...> wrote:
      > --- In HDTV-in-SFbay@yahoogroups.com, Larry Kenney <Larry@L...>
      > wrote:
      > > All of the digital stations transmitting from Sutro Tower were
      > the
      > > air from approximately 12:50 to 4:25 pm today so that the KCSM-DT
      > > transmitter could be physically connected to the digital
      > KCSM
      > > will be using the third section from the top, along with KCNS-39
      > and
      > > KTVU-56, and will be transmitting on channel 43.
      > >
      > > Larry
      > Why would this be done in the middle of the afternoon instead of
      > after midnight (when some stations are actually off the air and
      > others have less than stellar programming) and why would all of
      > these stations agree to this practice?
      > Also, I have noticed outages from this tower many times in the last
      > month. In fact, they have been off ALL morning today (Wed. 8/6). Is
      > this because the digital transmitter site is still considered under
      > development? Otherwise I would think there would be some failure
      > rreedduunnddaannccyy (;-}) to improve reliability.
      > Mark--
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