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3052Re: [HDTV-in-SFbay] Re: KRON back to zoomed/stretched broadcast?????

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  • Younghong Cho
    Dec 3, 2002
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      >From: "davedarche" <ddarche@...>
      >Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 17:32:13 -0000
      >There doesen't seem to be any middle ground here. I would prefer to
      >be in control of how I view the picture, however my Hughes HDTV sat
      >box will not allow me to change a 1080i signal, which is how
      >everything comes out of it. Not that it is 1080i quality, but I
      >assume by using the "component" outputs, it thinks everything is
      >1080i and does not allow me to change viewing formats.

      The same here with the Toshiba DST-3000. I think the problem is not
      particularly because of 1080i, but because the signal from the stations are
      coming in as 16:9, and some (most?) receivers are forced to keep that aspect

      I don't know how difficult this is for the broadcasters, but the best
      solution, IMHO, is to have a way to switch automatically to 4:3 (not 16:9
      with side bars) when the contents are in 4:3, and switch back to 16:9 when
      the contents change to such. This will give most, if not all, people the
      option to watch it whichever the way they want to watch.

      That said, however, I was quite content with things having side bars for 4:3
      contents so far. Some say that you will get used to the stretched images,
      but it seems to work only for certain (mostly static) contents. If things
      start to move, it feels like you are looking through some warped glasses.
      And the "zoomed" is something the broadcaster should worry about because,
      you know, the advertisers might sue (not that they care that much about the
      DTV broadcast at the moment) because some important information might be cut
      off at the top and bottom.


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