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29941Re: [HDTV-in-SFbay] Acquiring San Francisco Channels

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  • Larry Kenney
    Oct 27 9:42 PM
      Hi Mark...

      You received the channels from San Francisco when conditions were above average, probably due to inversion layer enhancing the signals.  Under normal conditions you won't get the stations from Sutro Tower or Mt. San Bruno with a small antenna like the RCA 751.  You'd need something with more gain, like the Channel Master CM4228.  

      I have the 4228 here in San Francisco and am able to get some of the Sacramento/Stockton UHF stations from Walnut Grove, but not all of them.  A few of the stations don't send a signal in this direction.  I get 3 (RF35), 13 (RF25), 31 (RF21) and 58 (RF46) and I used to 40 (RF40) until a low power station came on the air locally on 40.

      For the VHF stations, 6 (RF9) and 10 (RF10) I had to add a VHF 10 element antenna.

      If you want a combination VHF-UHF antenna with gain I recommend the Winegard HD7084P.

      Besides the better antenna, you'll need a rotor to turn the antenna since the direction for the Sacramento stations is different than for the SF stations, as you noted.


      - - -

      On Oct 25, 2012, at 5:59 PM, fdx1174 wrote:


      I am in 95831/Sacramento.
      Just got MY 20' Mast up on a single level ranch home.
      Attached is an RCA 751 Antenna.
      I have been tweaking it for weeks.
      At first I was getting all the local channels and the following San Francisco:


      But for some reason, I have since lost all the SF. Channels.
      TVFOOL and AntennaWeb tells me to point SSW.
      But in that direction I lose my locals.
      I also have a Winegard AP8275 at the top of the mast.
      My local channels seem to come in when the antenna is pointed WNW.
      Any other Sacramento, CA viewers getting the above channels?


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