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29928Re: [HDTV-in-SFbay] Wonderful KEMO

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  • Duke And Rat
    Sep 18 10:56 PM
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      Do you mean your ratio has 5 bends? A Philco ratio that I'm working on has 2 bends: AM & SW.


      On Sep 18, 2012, at 8:55 PM, Harry Birmingham wrote:

      My S-85 has five bands.

      From: Duke And Rat <dukenrat@...>
      To: HDTV-in-SFbay@yahoogroups.com 
      Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 6:56 PM
      Subject: Re: [HDTV-in-SFbay] Wonderful KEMO

      Currently I'm working on a Hallicrafters. It's got 4 bends.


      On Sep 18, 2012, at 1:19 PM, Harry Birmingham wrote:

      What model of ratio did you have? Philco?

      From: Duke And Rat <dukenrat@...>
      To: HDTV-in-SFbay@yahoogroups.com 
      Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 1:58 AM
      Subject: [HDTV-in-SFbay] Wonderful KEMO

      AM watching KEMO Virtual channel 50-1 & 50-2.

      Both have the same programming, although different aspect ratios.

      I used to own a ratio. It had 5 tubes.


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