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24645Dish Network Locals Zoomed and compressed/clipped Audio

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  • Jeff Songster
    Feb 1, 2008
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      This morning to my disappointment I noted that:

      Channel 5 and Channel 7 HD from my DISH DVR were zoomed so that it looked like an old
      cheap tv... Overscan issue... couldn't see the crawls at all or the sidebars of KPIX new HD

      So I switched to OTA... same set... but everything was fine. Crisp and clean and all the
      pixels were present and accounted for and not zoomed at all.

      I thought all was well until I noted the audio sounded clipped... this wasn't a Dish
      problem... it was on both signals. sounds like they are overcompressing the audio... the
      words at times are oddly clipped off and the voices seem an octave low... so was there a
      bargain on some new Orban audio product or is it just in my head? Strange settings on the
      Dolby system?

      Oh my wife and children are sharing the illusion. so it must be the stations... is it all the
      DISH bay area locals that got zoomed? is there something wrong with my HDMI connection
      all the sudden? Normally it does a fine job of switching the tv to the proper widescreen or
      4:3 settings but not today...

      Are we the only family experiencing this? I looked for relevant settings and didn't see any

      Dish compressing?
      OTA fine but audio is clipping and over compressed?

      Or are we nuts...

      Jeff Songster
      Scratching his head on a hill in Martinez... why can't a near perfect signal be left alone...
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