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20179RE: [HDTV-in-SFbay] Re: after the apocalypse

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  • Swank, Richard (NBC Universal, KNTV)
    Feb 2, 2006
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      Where do you live?
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      Subject: [HDTV-in-SFbay] Re: after the apocalypse

      Same here, I can get all the SF channels, but no 11 since the X-mtr
      left SJ.  Strange thing is I can get the digital for KSBW is the
      conditions are right.

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      > >
      > > I would guess if you receive KNTV-DT on channel 12 (Rf) you will
      > > KGO-DT on channel 7 (Rf) or KQED ch-9 without a problem.
      > Considering I don't receive KNTV-DT at all from my location, I'm not
      > optimistic about KGO-DT's move to VHF after the analog shutdown.
      > To be fair, KNTV is on Mt. San Bruno and that's my real problem with
      > receiving it. But it really would be nicer if all the local stations
      > were broadcasting UHF. It would make it a lot easier for us to receive
      > all the stations if UHF were all we had to focus on receiving.
      > I have a partner who is very adamant about not having a rooftop
      > antenna.  While I might be able to sell one fairly small UHF outdoor
      > antenna,  having to install two antennas (or one honking huge combo
      > antenna) is a big issue for me.  Likewise, I currently use a Silver
      > Sensor indoors, and it only receives UHF.
      > I do wish the broadcasters would think about the viewers when they
      > make their channel allocation decisions.  Having two frequency bands
      > rather than one is a pain.
      > Michael Portuesi

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