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Re: Zoo

To what? Comcrap?
Aug 28

Re: Zoo

I've been trolling this group for ever. It was helpful alot in the beginning off ota hd. Time to move on guys. On Aug 26, 2015 3:57 PM, "Duke And Rat
george ramirez
Aug 26

Re: Zoo

ThatÆs what I was afraid of. Come to think of it, when I built the amp, I neglected to include an RF suppression network. But itÆs worked for 15 years
Duke And Rat
Aug 26

Re: Zoo

We didn't hear any audio issues at all OTA.
Aug 26


So, anybody watching Zoo on KPIX? At 9:49, I heard a computer noise. ItÆs about 500hz, and rings a couple of times like a really loud horn. Am unclear where
Duke And Rat
Aug 26

Re: Ch 5 ABC pixelating, skipping during Niners Game last night

I only recall seeing that happen about a dozen times . . . . ;-) *Jon Johnsen Richmond, CA*
Jon Johnsen
Aug 24

Ch 5 ABC pixelating, skipping during Niners Game last night

Did anyone else get frustrated last night trying to watch the Niners pre-season game? It would start, freeze, start again, pixelate, etc. We finally gave up
Aug 24

Switch to Auxiliary Antennas at Sutro

From an email sent out by Eric Dausman, Vice President & COO, Sutro Tower, Inc.: Next week beginning Monday August 24 and through Friday August 28th, Sutro
Larry Kenney
Aug 21

Re: Sutro Tower Plans post auction and repack

There's been a lot of speculation and guessing but I haven't heard anything definite. ... From: "link.perry@... [HDTV-in-SFbay]"
Larry Kenney
Aug 7

Re: Sutro Tower Plans post auction and repack

Larry, Any idea what stations, if any, are considering giving up their spectrum or doing channel sharing in next year's FCC auction? Link
Aug 7


How to have a Republican debate and control who can actually watch it: 1) Run it on Fox News Channel cable-only network. 2) Co-host it on Facebook, but require
Duke And Rat
Aug 6

Sutro Tower Plans post auction and repack

Here's a story about the planning involved at Sutro Tower for what's going to happen after the channel auction and repack next year.
Larry Kenney
Jul 24

Re: Free Antennas Tomorrow in SF

I love the ad: ôDue to a government mandate, all TV stations must broadcastàö Whenever I hear that, I think: The poor corporations that are being beat on by
Duke And Rat
Jul 2

Free Antennas Tomorrow in SF

From "TV Technology": TVFreedom.org and Antennas Direct will give away over 300 indoor digital
Larry Kenney
Jul 2

Re: 2-1 Issues

Toast0's chart is not pretty at all. http://ruka.org/~toast/atscdata/chart.php?c=48 Looking closely, it appears to be the stream from the fiber fed to the
Stephen H. Fischer
Jul 2
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