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January 2006 at HASA

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  • JunoMagic
    Start the new year with new stories! Have a look at the newest stories in our General and Beta Stories section. New in General Stories: * Many Guises and Many
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2006
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      Start the new year with new stories!

      Have a look at the newest stories in our General and Beta Stories

      New in General Stories:

      * "Many Guises and Many Names: Drabbles about Aragorn" by

      A collection of drabbles about Aragorn and the people who knew
      him. See also "The Hobbit and the Man" (Bilbo) and "Bedtime"
      (Eldarion, Arwen, Legolas).

      * "Yule Mathom Challenge" by Agape4Gondor:

      A chapter each for the 24 days of Yuletide. Various characters
      interspersed throughout.

      * "But a Little While Longer" by Vanima Greenleaf :

      Book-Verse. (minor alterations to text: the rephrasing of some
      sentences and the removal of Frodo's lines.) Aragorn conjures up a
      fond memory at the hill of Cerin Amroth in Lorien.

      Don't forget that every author likes feedback! Use the new Comment
      feature at HASA and share your thoughts, ideas and questions about the
      story you just read. Author and fellow readers alike will be grateful
      to you!

      New in Beta Stories:

      * "A Rohan Ghost Story" by Katzilla:

      An old enemy has returned and threatens everything Rohan depends upon.
      After the Ring War, it is the first challenge for its new, young
      king... (Slightly AU.)

      * "With Hope (working title)" by AfterEver:

      sequel to 'Last Hope' by the same author; continuing life in Rivendell
      from Gilraen's perspective as Estel grows and things change in lands
      long unchanged

      * "Incubus" by Werecat:

      During the first years of the Fourth Age, something stirs beneath the
      Ash Mountains. Dwarves and Men team up to confront this new threat.
      Old friends meet once more along with new - and unexpected - allies.
      Crossover: LotR/Alien. AU, of course.

      If a story is posted in the Beta Stories section at HASA, the author
      is asking for feedback and concrit, or is possibly even looking for a
      beta reader.

      Use the new Comment feature at HASA to give feedback, or visit the
      author's story forum for a lively discussion about her stories.

      Do you enjoy giving feedback and providing concrit?

      Become a beta reader at HASA!

      Beta reading is fun, and there are many resources at HASA that make
      beta reading easier: visit the Beta Reading Resources Workshop or the
      "Being a Beta Reader" discussion!

      If you want to do an SSP ("Shameless Self Promotion") for one of your
      stories - your current WIP or a story you are really proud of - visit
      the Story Trailer Forum and post your very own Story Trailer/SSP! Or
      visit the HASA LiveJournal Community
      and leave a comment with your SSP!

      Start the new year with a new Challenge!

      Visit the Challenges section and take a look at the January 2006
      Challenges Bulletin.

      The Open Challenges forum and the Prospective Challenges forum are
      much too quiet for this time of the year. Do you have any idea for a
      Challenge you might want to share? Don't hesitate! There are always
      members willing to accept a Challenge.

      Or maybe visit the Nuzg├╗l Hutch or the Oliphaunt Pen to give a good
      home to a story in need!

      Start the new year with a party!

      Holidays and Anniversaries of Middle-earth TODAY:

      Tolkien's birthday (1892) was on January 3.

      The Tolkien Society celebrated the occasion with bringing out a toast
      "To the Professor!" at exactly 9 p.m. - maybe you are in the mood to
      join in a belated birthday party to honour the professor with a new

      Start the new year with a chat!

      Do you have any resolutions for the New Year concerning your writing
      (or reading)?
      Introduce yourself and let's talk about our resolutions and our
      expectations for the new year!

      "Writing Resolutions for the New Year?"- discussion

      Have a good time at HASA in January 2006!

      HASA admin team


      To follow the links in this announcement, please log in at HASA
      (http://www.henneth-annun.net/) and click on [More] in the
      announcements' box in the right sidebar.
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