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The Day is Getting Darker...

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  • JunoMagic
    `Haven t you had no sleep, Mr. Frodo? he said. What s the time? Seems to be getting late! No it isn t, said Frodo. `But the day is getting darker instead
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2005
      `Haven't you had no sleep, Mr. Frodo?' he said. 'What's the time?
      Seems to be getting late!' 'No it isn't,' said Frodo. `But the day is
      getting darker instead of lighter: darker and darker..."

      - Chapter 7, Journey to the Cross-roads, The Two Towers, The Lord of
      the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

      In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are growing short and dark (and
      here and there cold and full of snow) at the moment. Winter solstice
      and Christmas are not far off.

      But here at HASA every day is warm and filled with stories and laughter.

      And if you want to brighten up the days that lead up to the end of the
      year for the HASA members in Europe and North America, here's your chance!

      "The Hobbity Advent Calendar"

      What if Hobbits celebrated Christmas? Or Yule? Or Winter Solstice? A
      feast to celebrate that the cold and the darkness will not last
      forever, but that spring is waiting just around the corner.

      As seasons change, so do our moods. While in one part of the world,
      the days lengthen, in the other, they shorten. But our members find a
      common ground: Tolkien fan fiction. So why not use that common ground
      to spread a little light?

      From darkness into light.

      And instead of getting one piece of chocolate a day out of a real-life
      advent calendar, why not do it the Hobbit way? Give a present to a
      fellow HASA member instead!

      Read a story a day at HASA!
      Leave a comment a day at HASA!

      Use the new Comments Feature and leave a comment about a whole story
      or about a single chapter! Talk to your favourite author! Take the
      time to visit the reviews area!

      As Aranel Took put it: "Commenting and reviewing is a simple gift that
      makes others happy."

      Make someone's day.

      Read a story, and leave a comment. Even if it's only "I read your
      story. And I rather liked it." Because this is what will make the days
      get lighter instead of darker.

      Lighter and lighter.

      We wish you a happy week at HASA!

      HASA admin team
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