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The HASA Playlists Challenge!

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  • JunoMagic
    Today we would like to invite all members to participate in the HASA Playlists Challenge. ~~~*~~~ Some of you will now probably ask: Just what in Arda is a
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      Today we would like to invite all members to participate in the

      HASA Playlists Challenge.


      Some of you will now probably ask: "Just what in Arda is a Playlist?"

      So, what is a Playlist?

      Playlists are lists of HASA stories put together by authors and
      readers, just as music lovers put together lists of their favorite songs.


      - Stories in a series put in reading order.
      - A collection of similarly themed stories, such as Hobbit romance or
      critical essays on Men.
      - A reader's "favorites" list, complete with explanations of why the
      reader likes them so much.
      - A collection of stories by multiple authors.

      In other words, "Playlists" are something like self-made anthologies,
      collections of selected literary pieces or passages.

      Now you will probably and hopefully! want to know a few more details:

      Where do I find these Playlists at HASA?

      Why, in the "Playlists Section", of course: here!

      And... is it difficult to make a Playlist – because if this Challenge
      is about Playlists, I guess that I will have to make one for this

      It's not difficult at all. And yes, if you want to participate in this
      Challenge, you will indeed have to make up a Playlist of your very own.

      But don't worry! It's really not difficult at all. Here's what you
      have to do:


      In Playlists:

      1. Click on "My Playlists".
      2. There is now a short sub-menu in the left-hand navigation.
      3. Click on "Create Playlist".
      4. You will now see a form for creating a list.
      * Type in a title. It cannot be more than 50 characters, including
      spaces. Make the title distinctive. Do not use double quote marks!
      * Type in a description of the list. Use key words like your screen
      name, characters featured in the stories, and so on. Each one of these
      words is searchable.
      * Select the type of playlist you are creating. If it is to be a
      collection of your own stories, pick "Author Playlist." If you are
      putting together a list of other people's stories, select "Reader
      5. Click "Add".
      6. The playlist is created and you end up on the "My Own Lists" page.
      You are now ready to add stories.


      If you are still not sure how that works, have a look at the FAQ page
      in the Playlists section. If you still have questions after reading
      the FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us!

      Okay... so now I know how to make a Playlist. But how does this
      Challenge work? And what kind of Playlist should I create for that?

      Again – don't worry. It's simple.

      First you will need to create your Playlist (see the instructions above).

      Make it as original and interesting as possible. Maybe a Playlist of
      the weirdest couples in fandom? Or only stories about food? Stories
      that feature only Nazgûl?

      Be creative!

      The title of your Playlist has to be: "Playlist Challenge: (your own

      Example: "Playlists Challenge: The Drunken Dwarves Playlist"

      Once you have created the Playlists of all Playlists, you are ready to
      enter the Challenge.

      You do this by signing up for the Playlists Challenge Workshop and
      adding your Playlist to the Workshop.

      It's a Workshop open for all members. Simply sign up here.

      Then click on: "Add Playlist to Shop"

      Follow the instructions.

      Do all of that before midnight GMT/UTC on November 30. The Challenge
      CLOSES on November 30.

      What happens then?

      From December 1 to December 7 there will be a poll featuring the
      Playlists entered in this Challenge.

      The three most popular Playlists will be featured in the weekly
      announcement on December 11.


      Well, are you up to that Challenge?

      You can discuss the Challenge and possible Playlists here:

      the Playlists Challenge Discussion

      Have fun!


      Site Management

      We would like to remind you to participate in the polls about the
      contents and location of the Story Randomizer on the memberside of HASA.

      The polls close on November 15.

      Please take the time and cast your vote: here.



      Visit the Challenges Section!

      Three Challenges are closing soon:

      1."Tales Unheard":

      A frustrating aspect of reading Tolkien's books is all the potentially
      great conversations that never happen between various characters. So
      here's the challenge: write a chat or scene between characters that
      never interact (or interact very little) "onstage" in Tolkien's books,
      that you feel should have interacted more for various reasons --
      perhaps because they share a particular experience, have a history
      together that isn't explored, or because it would have simply resulted
      in hilarious dialogue or a great meeting of the minds.

      The Challenge closes on November 28!

      2. "Where the Stars are Strange":

      What, exactly, lies east of Rhûn? Saruman was said to have gone east,
      waaaay east, but then chose to return. The Blue Wizards went east and
      never returned. Most of the players in the Ring War went as far as the
      Sea of Rhûn, but never further. So what lies east of Rhûn?

      This doesn't need to be epic. In fact, it might be more exciting to
      give us just a short vignette - a glimpse into this uncharted
      territory. Something to tantalize us and make us wonder.

      The Challenge closes on November 30!

      3. "Confessions on a Sleepless Night":

      Take a character, any character who finds him or herself sleepless
      when all those around are slumbering. Write about his or her thoughts
      regarding another character who can be seen and is still asleep.

      The Challenge closes on November 30!



      Take the time and have a look at the Workshops of Middle-earth!

      There are Workshops where you can tackle stories about your favourite
      characters with the help and companionship of other HASA authors who
      are just as fascinated by Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves or Rohirrim as you are.

      These Workshops are the place at HASA to find like-minded readers and
      writers to discuss the last hair on a Hobbit's toe or to dwell for
      days on the hair colour of your favourite Elf.

      Dark Powers Palace
      Delving Into Dwarves
      Exploring Elves
      Hobbit Haven
      Musings On Men


      We wish you a wonderful week at HASA!

      HASA admin team
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