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When Winter First Begins to Bite...

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  • JunoMagic
    When winter first begins to bite and stones crack in the frosty night, when pools are black and trees are bare, tis evil in the Wild to fare. ~ The Ring
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2005
      "When winter first begins to bite
      and stones crack in the frosty night,
      when pools are black and trees are bare,
      'tis evil in the Wild to fare."

      ~ "The Ring Goes South", in: "The Fellowship of the Ring" by J.R.R.

      It may be evil in the Wild to fare then, but we can assure you that it
      gets all the more comfortable at HASA!


      Check out the newest stories for an enjoyable November evening or two!

      General Stories:

      * "Hellfire" by angelsfyre1:

      A mysterious ranger is called by Gandalf to attend the Council of
      Elrond and reluctantly follows the Fellowship to find destiny foretold.

      * "Field of Dreams" by Agape4Gondor:

      After the war, when harvest time comes, who is left? A woman of

      * "East of Lórien" by Rous:

      The story of three of the Avari 1000 years after the Great
      Alliance. Not finished, not titled, not fully developed. It will
      eventually show a vastly different culture than that presented by
      Tolkien. This is a rough draft of what I envision this story to be. I
      will be making changes, adding chapters and in general improving
      things as I go along. Please bear with me.


      If you like a story or if you have a question or comment about it,
      remember that it's easy at HASA to contact the author: click on
      "contact the author" either on the story overview or in the sidebar
      menu, or visit the author's story forum.

      Remember: it's your feedback that keeps the story discussions at HASA
      lively and constructive!


      Beta Stories:

      * "Desert Dreaming" by Evils Hero:

      East of Rhûn lies the Great Desert, and within the desert lies the
      Tribe. Who knows what may happen where the stars are strange? Entered
      in the 'Where the Stars Are Strange' and 'All OCs All the time'
      challenges. (rating may change later, unsure about era)

      * "To the Waters and the Wilds" by Eresse:

      In an attempt to evade the imminent destruction of her homeland
      Dúrvain and her family flee to Rohan, although the trip doesn't
      exactly go as planned and Dúrvain finds herself among the elves in the
      House of Elrond. Set long before the war of the ring. Co-written with

      * "Suspicions" by lucidity:

      Faramir of Gondor's strange behavior causes the Lord Elrond of
      Rivendell concern. Could the Steward be disgruntled or is there more
      to Faramir's odd behavior? Short story. Feedback much appreciated!

      Stories are posted in the Beta Section at HASA because the authors
      are asking you, the readers, for help to make these stories perfect.

      Constructive feedback is very much appreciated and is basically what
      keeps the Beta Stories Section at HASA alive.

      You have never done any serious commenting and are nervous about
      criticizing a story?

      Don't worry!

      HASA has a lot to offer to make beta-reading and giving constructive
      criticism easy and fun.

      Have a look at:

      * the Beta Reading Resources Workshop
      * the Being A Beta Reader Forum
      * the URL library section about writing

      And if have any question at all, don't hesitate to contact a volunteer!

      Other news:

      Story Randomizer

      Everyone is thrilled with the new story randomizer on the public side
      of HASA. Now the most exciting question is how could such a randomizer
      look like inside HASA? And where should it show up on the pages inside

      Ang has posted two polls to get answers for just those questions. We
      would like all members to take the time and participate in those polls.

      1. Story Randomizer – Display:

      Ang just recently put a story randomizer on the HASA home page. When a
      user hits the home page, it creates a randomized list of all reviewed
      stories in the archive and presents them one by one every 15 minutes
      to the reader.

      Ang is putting together a randomizer for inside the Members area. It
      can display beta and general status stories, not just reviewed ones.
      How would members rather see the stories displayed?

      2. Story Randomizer – Location

      Ang recently built a story randomizer for the home page of HASA. She's
      now building one for inside the Member's area. Where should this appear?

      Please visit the Polls Section and take this poll!

      And while you are there – maybe there's a question about fandom you
      always wanted to ask. You can create poll of your own at HASA. How
      that's done is explained here.


      Story Commissions

      Take part in a discussion about Site Improvement Suggestions!

      Cold Like Fire had an interesting idea of taking the HASA Birthday
      Cards one step further. If you can request a drabble for your
      birthday, why not offer a service where you can ask your favourite
      author at HASA for a fan fiction story written just for you?

      Join the discussion here!

      And if your birthday is in November and you have not asked for a
      birthday drabble yet, don't be afraid to visit the HASA Birthday Cards
      Forum! Birthday drabbles are fun for everyone, so just ask for what
      would really make your birthday.


      Drabble Depository

      If you have any drabbles left over from a birthday or from Instant
      Drabbling or just because drabbles are addictive, share them with us!

      The Drabble Depository is the place to show off any drabbles or small
      pieces of prose or poetry that don't have a story of their own yet.


      So, what do you think? Will the first frost be hard to bear at HASA?


      HASA admin team


      To be able to follow the links in this announcement, please log in at
      HASA (http://www.henneth-annun.net/) and click on [More] in the
      announcements box in the right sidebar.
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