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What are you up to at HASA in October?

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  • JunoMagic
    What did the Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings do in October? (…) The hills drew nearer. They made an undulating ridge, often rising almost to a thousand
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2005
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      What did the Hobbits in "The Lord of the Rings" do in October?

      (…) The hills drew nearer. They made an undulating ridge, often
      rising almost to a thousand feet, and here and there falling again to
      low clefts or passes leading into the eastern land beyond. Along the
      crest of the ridge the hobbits could see what looked to be the remains
      of green-grown walls and dikes, and in the clefts there still stood
      the ruins of old works of stone. By night they had reached the feet of
      the westward slopes, and there they camped. It was the night of the
      fifth of October, and they were six days out from Bree. (…)

      Any idea what they are up to?

      Any idea what you might get up to at HASA next week?

      We can't help the Hobbits, but we can offer some ideas how to make
      your time at HASA fun and exciting!

      Next week several interesting Challenges will be closing. Check them
      out before it's too late!

      * "One Pint Too Many" closes tomorrow!

      In the discussion for the Death to Fanon! challenge, Raksha the
      Demon posted this:

      "Now I'm visualizing a drunken Eomer and an infatuated Lothiriel
      hitting the sheets in celebration of Aragorn's coronation or marriage
      (Eomer wouldn't force her, but he'd have more restraint when sober),
      and Lothiriel getting pregnant. And Eomer quickly volunteering to do
      the honourable thing; after all, he needs an heir, he likes
      Lothiriel's father, and Eomer is an honourable man..." What would
      someone -- anyone -- do when they had one pint too many in them? They
      don't have to be completely wasted, maybe just a bit tipsy so with
      lower inhibitions.

      Humour is certainly welcome. If you want to have Gimli and the
      hobbits singing bawdy drinking songs at every inn in Minas Tirith, be
      my guest. But I'm also interested in the serious side of drinking too

      * "Tolkien's Challenge" will be closed on October 20 and it's
      still two entries short of getting published:

      This challenge is based on an idea Tolkien had in 1944, but which
      was never turned into a story.

      In letter no. 69, 14 May 1944, Tolkien wrote to his son,
      Christopher Tolkien:

      "(...) I suddenly got an idea for a new story (...) A man sitting
      at a high window and seeing not the fortunes of a man or of people,
      but of a small piece of land (about the size of a garden) all down the
      ages. He just sees it illuminated, in borders of mist, and things,
      animals and men just walk on and off, and the plants and trees grow
      and die and change. (...)"

      Now the time has come to turn this idea into many stories,
      drabbles, songs and poems!

      * "Chance Meetings" closes on October 22:

      "When you think of the great Battle of Pelennor, do not forget the
      Battle of Dale. Think of what might have been. Dragon-fire and savage
      swords in Eriador! There might be no Queen in Gondor. We might now
      only hope to return from the victory here to ruin and ash. But that
      has been averted - because I met Thorin Oakenshield one evening on the
      edge of spring not far from Bree. A chance-meeting, as we say in

      Gandalf spoke these words to Frodo, Pippin, Merry, and Gimli not
      long after the destruction of the Ring, as recorded in "The Quest for
      Erebor," Unfinished Tales. He was speaking about how his own meeting
      with Thorin in 2941 led to Bilbo's accompanying the Dwarves on their
      quest to retake the Lonely Mountain. And yet other characters were
      involved in the events of 2941.


      Write a story about one of these characters or any of the others
      whose lives were impacted by the Quest for Erebor. Extra credit if you
      manage to tie your story into the events of The Hobbit, but stories
      set during the time period are welcome as well.

      * "Inspired" closes also on October 22:

      Has anyone ever read someone else's work and liked it so much you
      wanted to write more? A sequel, or prequel perhaps?

      Write something (prequel, sequel, missing scene, poem, drabble
      etc) based on a story by another author. It can be fun to explore
      other writers' universes, character interpretations, ideas!


      Do you feel Challenged?

      Or are you actually more in the mood for a party?

      October is a month of many birthdays: take a look at the birthday
      calendar on our Welcome Page. Twenty-six members celebrate their
      birthday in October.

      You can celebrate with them by writing a birthday drabble!

      Birthday drabbling at HASA is easy:
      just take a look at the step-by-step instructions.

      Birthday drabbling at HASA is fun:
      just look at the riches that can be found in the HASA Birthday Cards

      Birthday drabbling at HASA is challenging:
      you can even enter a Challenge with your birthday story!

      And if you simply want to drabble for no reason at all, you can always
      post a drabble in the Drabble Depository.

      Hoping that this will give you enough ideas what to do at HASA during
      the next week, we wish you:

      Happy writing and happy reading!


      HASA admin team


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      HASA ( http://www.henneth-annun.net/ ) and click on [More] in the
      Announcements' box in the right sidebar!
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