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Code of Conduct changes – this could affect you!

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  • JunoMagic
    Take a look at the Code of Conduct changes – this could affect you! We ve seen very little discussion of proposed changes, and that s a big surprise. Please
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2005
      Take a look at the Code of Conduct changes – this could affect

      We've seen very little discussion of proposed changes, and that's a
      big surprise. Please take a moment to look this discussion over and
      comment – we want members to understand, comment and vote on
      changes to HASA's rules. If members don't participate, it will all be
      up to the admins, and that is exactly what we want avoid. This is a
      community, and playing "police" all the time is very wearing - we've
      lost several admins partly for that reason.

      Do you want HASA to run smoothly? Then help us update the rules we
      will all live by in our community.

      Take a look at the proposed Code of Conduct changes and participate in
      the poll about those changes!


      Now I have the pleasure to welcome a new Challenges volunteer!

      Elemmíre has joined the HASA admin team to help out with Challenges
      and the wonderful HASA birthday cards.

      Here's a greeting from Elemmíre herself:

      "Greetings, I'm Stephanie (aka Elemmíre). I'm a new challenges
      assistant and am currently coordinating Birthday Cards."

      Welcome, Elemmíre, and we hope you have lots of fun flinging around
      the nuzgûl!


      Last but not least, I would like to draw your attention to the newest
      stories in HASA's General and Beta Stories Section.

      Why not try something new for a change?

      There are some great reading choices here!

      For example,

      The three newest stories in the General Stories Section:

      1. "Ub Durbanuluk" by Lady of Annatar:
      Sauron reflects on the Second Age of Middle Earth after being cast out
      of the World by the Valar.

      2. "Not Permitted" by Tanaqui:
      A Boromir!lives AU. Drabble.

      3. "Meril's Drabbles" by Meril (aka Allie):
      a collection of drabbles

      Read and enjoy! And take the time to tell the authors what you think
      about their stories.

      Or take a look at

      The three newest stories in the Beta Stories Section

      1. "Face of the Enemy" by Linaewen:
      Boromir and the forces of Gondor must act quickly to defend against an
      unexpected attack from an army of Haradrim. This tale takes place in
      the year before the events leading up to the attack on Osgiliath by
      Sauron, and Boromir setting out on his quest in July 3018.

      2. "Lesser Ring" by Larner:
      A tale of two visits to Harad.

      3. "The Mighty Few" by NoriBeard:
      Tolkien meets Kurosawa. As a band of rogue dwarves assault humans in
      the lands outside of Khazad-dum, eight dwarvish warriors are
      dispatched to put a stop to the evil doings of their kindred.

      Those stories were published in the Beta Stories Section to ask you
      for feedback! Take the time to visit the discussions linked to those
      stories and leave a comment or two about what you liked and where you
      think something might still be improved!

      Remember: if everyone wants a beta-reader and feedback, but no one is
      prepared to do beta-reading or to provide feedback, the system won't

      And HASA provides valuable resources to make beta-reading easy and

      Just visit the Beta Reading Resources Workshop or join the discussion
      Being A Beta Reader!

      Wishing you a wonderful week at HASA,

      HASA admin team


      Please visit HASA to follow the links in this announcement!

      Log in at HASA


      and click on this announcement on the Welcome Page!
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