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Please read and review!

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  • JunoMagic
    Please read and review! – how often have we seen this plea at Fanfiction.Net? How often have we silently laughed at the abysmally shortened version of Plz
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      "Please read and review!" – how often have we seen this plea at
      Fanfiction.Net? How often have we silently laughed at the abysmally
      shortened version of "Plz R & R" and quickly moved on?

      Now it's time to remember that there is a whole section at HASA that
      basically says the same to every member: "Please read and review!"
      "Plz R & R!"

      The Reviews Section!

      If you are a new member, you may be wondering what the Reviews Section
      is and how it works (see also the FAQ about "review").

      The Reviews Section is one of HASA's special features.

      The purpose of the HASA Archive is:

      "to provide our readers with a selection of the best JRRT fan fiction
      we possibly can, and to inspire other authors to write more of it!"

      HASA's reviewers decide which stories come up to this standard of "the
      best." HASA's reviewers get to say which of the stories posted in the
      Reviews Section can be regarded as JRRT fan fiction stories that are
      so excellent they deserve to be archived in HASA's public archive for
      all the world to see and read.

      No other archive puts stories through a more meticulous review
      process. For a story to be archived in HASA's public archive, it has
      to be read and reviewed by nine reviewers and approved by at least
      five of them.

      Who are those reviewers? Simple.

      You. Or you could be. Does this sound like you?

      "Anyone who has been a member of HASA for 30 days is eligible to be a

      What if you are a reviewer already? Do you just glance at the third
      box in the right sidebar on the Welcome Page where it says,

      "HASA Reviews There are xyz stories needing reviewers. Please visit
      the Reviews area and see if there is a story you would like to check

      the way you look at the "Plz R&R" summaries at FF.Net and quickly
      move on?

      At the moment there are just over 160 active reviewers out of
      approximately 550 members. Of that 160, only 125 have performed even
      one review. That's less than ¼ of the membership doing reviews. We
      would like it to be more. In the best world, at least half of HASA
      members would be active reviewers.

      We expect that there will be 400 stories submitted for review this
      year – more than one per day – and we need reviewers. Each
      story has
      to be read by nine different people. That's 3600 individual reviews in
      a year! For more information about reviews, see the most recent
      Reviews Announcement.

      For the review system to work properly, there needs to be a wide range
      of perspectives and opinions reflected in our reviewer pool. People
      who have been reading for years and people who are new. People who
      like Elves, Hobbits, or Men. People who like angst, humor, drama, AUs,
      short stories, epics, LotR, Silm, and everything else under the sun. A
      large pool of reviewers means a diversity of views and a greater range
      of stories that will be read and appreciated.

      Therefore, to keep up the wonderful quality and diversity of stories
      here at HASA, we would like to ask all of you:

      Activate your reviewer status!

      Even if you only read and review a few stories a year, that
      strengthens the review system and provides authors with a larger
      reading audience. If you submit stories for review, do a favor for
      your fellow authors; activate as a reviewer, and read another story
      for each one you submit. If you can, read nine stories – one for
      review you expect to receive.

      Take the time to visit Reviews Section this week! Have a look at the
      Review Criteria!

      Please read and review!

      Help us to keep up the quality and diversity of stories and poems to
      be found in the public archive of HASA!

      One per month – that's all we ask.

      HASA admin team


      Visit this announcement also on the Welcome Page of a HASA! Only once
      you are logged in at the Henneth Annûn Story Archive, you will be
      able to follow the links of this announcement inside HASA:

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