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A Present for HASA Members from the Site

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  • Anglachel Gurthang
    As is only fitting, HASA has a present for its members on the occasion of the site s 3rd birthday. Hasa Playlists
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2005
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      As is only fitting, HASA has a present for its members on the occasion
      of the site's 3rd birthday.

      Hasa Playlists

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      These aren't *completely* new. They are sort of mathomish, having
      first popped up in the Workshop section, and are being handed out
      again as their own section.

      What are playlists? Like a music playlist, a HASA playlist is a set of
      favorites, with stories instead of songs. You can make one up of just
      your own works (an Author playlist) or you can collect stories that
      you like to read into a set (a Reader playlist). You can have as many
      playlists as you like!

      Create a list with a name and an explanation of what it is for, then
      add stories. For each story, provide a short reason why it is in your
      list. Any story that is Beta, General or Published status can be added
      to a list. Once your list is together, set an order to the tales and
      click "Active". Now all HASA members can see it.

      See a list you like? Add it to your collection! With a click of a
      button, you can build your list of playlists. Keep a set of playlists
      and look at the stories through another person's eyes. Have an instant
      list of an author's series of stories. See what a workshop is up to.

      You can reach Playlists two ways:

      1. "My Playlists" link under My Stuff in the upper left of the Welcome
      page. The link is also in the My Stuff section.
      2. "Playlists" in between Stories and Resources in the Sections
      drop-down menu.

      It is all very simple right now. As people add playlists, more
      features will be added. If you already have a playlist in Workshops
      that you would like to have converted to a regular Author playlist,
      please email me via the Tech Support contact form. Give me your name
      and the name of the playlist so I can convert it.

      Questions? Be sure to read the Playlist FAQ .

      Happy Birthday!

      Tech Support - HASA
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